As you get older, you get fewer chances at experiencing “First Times” right? First step, First word, First pet, First day at school, First kiss, First love, First time you drove a car, First marriage (haha). Anyway, you get the point. Whether the moment is big or small, it should be relatively important.

I mean, there will always be First Times… but they do seem to be getting less frequent.

Over the past little while, however, I have been lucky enough to experience a couple of Firsts.

First off… I made my First blog post here :) yay for me! But you already know all about that!

The next First I experienced, happened on Thursday 25th June 2009 at about 8pm. Those involved were Peter_vs, SnowgooseSA and the legendary ginger ShaunCusters. I went to my very first live sports game! I have never been much of a sports fan at all (see my “About Me” post – number 21 in particular). The event in question was the Semi Final of the #ConfedCup at Ellis Park. The teams: Bafana Bafana and … (…wait for it…) … BRAAAAAAAAZIL! Although I say I am not a sports fan… I do pride myself on being a Brazilian Soccer FanGirl! I don’t know useless info and random snippets of stuff about them, I have just always loved them. (Always – since the 2002 Soccer World Cup… I was a fan before they won it tho!). I think the guy who really got me hooked was Ronaldinho – he is just the coolest soccer player ever! With his crazy long hair and sticking out teeth, how could you NOT love him!? Anyway, of course I am still bitterly disappointed that Ronaldinho was not part of the #ConfedCup but between Kaka and Robinho I almost forgot about Ronaldinho!

The match itself was AWESOME! I really didn’t expect to enjoy it so very much! The atmosphere was great, despite the freeeeeeezing cold! I had been practicing my Vuvuzela skills beforehand and joined in on the musical talent that is Vuvuzela harmonising! I wore my Brazil Hoodie with pride while shouting for the South African Team (BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTH!!!!). I was

I took a ton of photos and sent them off to My Sony Mobile Blog

It was so much fun, I can’t wait to go to another live match… Although I guess the charm really is in watching a game between YOUR TEAM and another!

All ready for the match!

The next First was my first time on a quad bike! Yes, at the ripe old age of 27! I was not expecting to go bundu bashing on a quad bike when I went for lunch at my cousin’s place in Broederstroom (near Hartbeespoort Dam). There I was in a white Tracksuit Top and clean shoes! “Lets go for a game drive on the Quad Bikes” she said! (the game farm and 8 quad bikes belong to their neighbour or something…) So off we went, over the mountains and through the clouds of dust! We saw a jackal and some buck of some sort (maybe Nyala?).

I wish I had had my camera with me to capture the gorgeous views of the sun setting over the mountains and the rolling valleys that seemed to go on forever. The view of Hartbeespoort Dam nestled between two mountains in the distance… So peaceful and beautiful!

When I eventually got home that night, my face was so covered in dust that I looked like a Cape Coloured!!! (except I have all my teeth!) It was a lot of fun… even if we only went at snails pace!

The last First I am going to share with you I experienced this past weekend. I went to My First Official Agility Show with the beagles! Unfortunately I don’t have any photos of this event :( it is waaaaay to hectic to handle a dog and take pics!

The Open Show was held at Goldfields in Bedfordview. We got there bright and early to register the beagles. It was our first official show, but we had high hopes for them… which we probably shouldn’t have! Harry and Oscar both entered into A1 (the beginner level) Contact Agility (included obstacles like see-saw, dog walk, A-Frame as well as the normal jumps, tunnel and weave poles), Non Contact (no contact obstacles, only normal jumps, tunnel and weave poles) and then the Dog Jumping Round (in which all dogs who get a clear round have a jump off for fastest time).

Now, just a little note about Beagles… They are SCENT HOUNDS! They were bread to sniff and sniff and track and sniff and track and sniff and sniff! You get the point? They were NOT bred to make humans happy, like retrievers! So, we have trained hard, put in the work etc. We get onto the course (Harry and I) and he does the first couple of obstacles and runs straight to the judge to say hello! I manage to call him back, and we manage to get around the course eventually (with what felt like HUNDREDS of sniff breaks inbetween)… but we were disqualified. It was pretty much the same story with Harry’s other 2 runs. Oscar and Peter did slightly better… But still DQ’d in Contact and non-contact. BUT they did manage to get a clear round in the dog jumping!!! So, Oscar was in the jump off, but got DQ’d for time penalty (you are only given a certain amount of time to get around the course).

Everyone was quite impressed with our performance tho – the obstacles we DID manage to get through, were done really well! I was especially proud of their Weave poles!

We can only improve from here! Our FIRST show is under our belts and wasn’t a complete and utter disaster!

So, here is to many other First’s to come!

PS did you find this post too long?