Dear Diary…
Thailand Part 4

Saturday 25 July 2009

Woke at 7am. Taxi to airport. Flight leaves at 11am. 2 hour flight to Singapore. Arrived Singapore about 2pm. Waited for luggage. Waited and waited and waited… dad got his bag… wait some more. I am stressing. I want my bag!!! Finally it comes around. We were literally the only people waiting.

Pick up by hotel (hotel Miramar). Get to hotel Have I mentioned I have to share a room with my dad while we here because he is too stingy to get 2 rooms. Fun.

Also, dad wants to walk a-freaking-round!!! What is up with this aimless walking streets of Asia?!?! Seriously dude! So, we walk around for about an hour. Totally aimless and pointless. Saw/did nothing worthwhile. I would’ve preferred to read my book upstairs.

Anyway – room is quite nice. There is a bath – which is FAB! My bed is very comfy – nice linen too – hope I sleep well later.


Get picked up to go on Night Safari. Such a busy place!!! Feels like Disney World all over again – with all the crowds.

My dad is such an effing Kill-Joy!!! He says “The animals are probably cement and it’s too dark to tell the difference.” … “With these crowds we will be waiting in lines for ever” … etc etc. So much of freaking negativity! I know I haven’t been a ray of sunshine either…

Hop on trams which take you around the Safari. Saw TONS of animals, photos are crap – no flash allowed. The areas are totally open (well, it looks like it) … there doesn’t look like anything between us and the Asian Lions… or Buffalo, or elephants – I am not too sure how they have created this illusion – surely we can’t be so close…?

The leopards are behind glass though. But they were RIGHT by the glass – we were less than 10cm away from them!



Tour over – back to bus to go to hotel. Hot and sweaty. I showered… dad didn’t. He went to sleep dirty! Dammit man, how does my mother put up with this…???!!? Also – he never washes his hands after he goes to the loo. Not even after he poos! How do I know when he poos…?? There are explosions coming from the bathroom. TMI?? Yes, i know it is – but this is my pain, and I need to get it out. He is foul and disgusting!!


SUNDAY 26 July 2009

Woke up after 10am. Down to breakfast Buffet. Food ok – bacon is crap – might be coz we were so late and it was the leftovers.

Hopped on an Open Topped City Tour Bus… Was pretty fun.


<sarcasm> ... Picture of happienss ... </sarcasm>

... Picture of happiness ...

Stopped at botanical gardens – not my scene… but my dad likes plants and crap. Very beautiful! So green.



They have a section called “The Ginger Garden” … OMG I nearly killed myself laughing thinking of Snowgoose and her Ginger obsession!!! Took a bunch of photos just for her – separate blog post!


Walked around Orchid Garden too. You can have an orchid named after you (for a large sum of money) which I think would be kind of cool.


Back on an open bus. Pretty much spent the day on these busses. Quite fun and informative. Took about 100 photos on the bus.


Back at hotel. Gonna shower and get ready for airport. We get picked up at 10pm – flight is after midnight. I can’t wait to be home, in my own space, with Peter and the Beagles. I have totally had enough of this.

Sorry if these blog posts are not as exciting or informative as you might like, perhaps laced with negativity – I am tired and uninspired. Maybe not the best time to blog – but that’s tough!

Next time I blog, I will be home!! :)

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Dear Diary…
Thailand Part 3

THURSDAY 23 July 2009

The only thing that gets me outta bed is going to get my present in the cupboard! Today’s one had a note about “size doesn’t matter” … intriguing! It’s a tiny measuring tape in the shape of a snail. Totally love it! Will keep it in my handbag… never know when you need to measure something :p

Up and at ‘em! (more up than at ‘em)

some damn Asian slammed my foot in a door! Might have a bruise tomorrow.

Chocolate Latte at Black Canyon Coffee. They play funny music there – always the same chick singing (sounds all girly, like Taylor Swift) but she does covers of Hoobastank and Simple Plan and Green Day etc – it’s actually pretty nice

Dad gone for a facial (it’s his Thailand thing – always goes – loves it – would NEVER EVER go at home!). I’m giving the facial a miss – reading in my room. Had enough of him. Starting to get homesick. Still 4 days to go.

6:30 – 7:45pm
Dinner = Tom Yum Goong Soup. I like this a lot. Tasty, very lemony too. Shrimps, mushrooms and other weird stuff I pick out. (Doesn’t look so fab in the photo – but I don’t have any other pics from today)

Time to shower and relax. Alone time! For some reason my arms hurt. Dunno why. Getting bored, restless, annoyed, homesick. Also, looking a bit crap. Pale. Wonder if it’s related.

Just realized… I don’t think I am “Homesick” so much as tired of my dad. It’s been a long past few days. He is irritating me. It’s not natural to spend THIS much time with a parent.  Also, he’s wearing the same shirt as yesterday. Isn’t it sweaty after spending hours in the baking sun at the tiger temple etc? Doesn’t he want a clean, fresh shirt every day? I do!!! Not sure if I can last until Monday without having a blowout. I hope I can.

Also, my hair is looking crap. Too much humidity and washing it every day is not working for me. Plus I need a trim and a colour. Dammit I can complain! On the plus side… I am going to have a chocolate milk – will make me feel better.

Lights out. Tomorrow is the last FULL day in Bangkok. We leave on Saturday morning, for Singapore, until midnight on Sunday.

Can’t sleep. Feel uneasy – itchy inside. Read for a while

Try this sleep thing again.


FRIDAY 24 July 2009

Up. Present = book: Deception Point Dan Brown. Won’t be reading it here. Brought a fluffy chick book – This Charming Man.
Very enjoyable fun read!!! Breakfast = yoghurt. Today is last day in Bangkok. Gonna tie up a few loose ends. Probably buy another scarf.

Packed rest of cargo (34 bags in total.) This is a third of them:


Lunch = 2 x bananas. Foot still hurts from being slammed in a door yesterday. No bruise though. Bought some artificial flowers for dad’s friend who wants to import them.


Back at hotel for a little rest. Am bored. Taking photos of my pills. I must be going mad!


Off to buy another scarf (came back with 2 actually) and some other general crap, really. I have now bought 7 silk scarves – this is enough (for now) aren’t they fantastical!!!??? Bought a blue/green striped one, a pinkish striped one, a big brown pashmina type one (to wear with a strapless brown dress I have), a big white one, small turquoise one, small periwinkle blue and a small cream one. (at home I already have a green, pink and blue scarves)


Also bought nail polish. It’s a pale shimmery brownish colour – I shall call it Barely Bronze. Painted finger and toe nails with new Barely Bronze polish. Feeling better about life.

Been reading – book is funny. Admired scarves again… tried them on, in different styles – mini fashion show for myself!

Sneezed 3 times in a row. Hope I didn’t catch swine flu from that dude in the lift (he sneezed as I got in)… will take some pills. Will also hold thumbs, say a prayer and smack self with lemongrass and garlic (wish I had a Wildebeest tail too). Will also face Mecca and say some Hail Mary’s– just for good measure. This should cure me, no?

4:00 – 5:30pm
Dad wants to go walking around in the streets… AGAIN… dammit man – seen 300m of Thailand vendors, seen the whole bloody lot!

5:45 – 6:45pm
Foot massage. Last one. Is so good!

Dinner. I had a chicken burger. Was ok.

8:30 – 9:30
Internet time

Shower, read and bed. Waking up at 7am tomorrow to catch a taxi to the airport. Our flight to Singapore leaves at 11:15am.

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Dear Diary…

Thailand Part 2:

TUESDAY 21 July 2009

Whole night – 7:50am
Broken sleep. As usual. Frustrating!

Lost battle against sleep. Got up. Have tired eyes – I look Asian… Chinese Asian though, not Thai Asian – Thais have pretty big eyes actually. Stumble to the cupboard for my present – this one has a note about beagles and Mexicans (long story…) It’s a little wooden doggy with long floppy beagle ears :) Cute. Must find strength for breakfast (yoghurt & fruit again)

Started the walk-about. Started raining. Didn’t stop. Ankle deep in water – not kidding – literally ANKLE DEEP! This is why I wear crocs in Thailand. How embarrassing to admit it, on a blog, nogal! It’s so humid – my hair is not loving it. My skin, however, looks great. Not sure if it’s the humidy or the filth in the air. I’m guessing humidity.

Lunch. Dad and I shared Flied Chicken & Cashew Nuts with Garlic Bread (Garlic Bread = toast with super strength garlic butter – boy, are we gonna stink tomorrow). Then we shared a waffle with blueberry sauce. Was nice.

Did some shopping on my own. Bought some tops (discovered later, I am not the same size as thai girls… why do I always forget this :( ). Bought a cotton button up shirt for tomorrow – I only have sleeveless tops, and we going to a temple and have to look “appropriate” – of course, all my clothes are very inappropriate. Also, bought 5 silk scarves. I might need more. I might be an addict. I love these silk scarves!! Makes Thailand worth it (well, almost ;p )

Hot, sweaty, messy “humid hair”. Must shower. Next up is foot massage – i need it!

Clean and shiny again… wonder if the SheMale will do my feet again…?

It’s not the SheMale

Foot massage. Almost fell asleep it’s so good.

Go upstairs for head/neck/shoulder/back massage. 10 mattresses each surrounded by billowing white cotton curtain. Looks like a movie set. So beautiful! Had typical Thai massage. She crawled and walked all over my back! Sore, but good. Then, lots of twisting, contorting and clicking.
Two hours of massage cost a whopping One Hundred South African Ront!!!

Buy some water, fruit and snacks for the trip tomorrow.

Set out clothes for tomorrow (no red, pink, yellow or orange … don’t want to get eaten by a Thai Thai Thai Thai Tiger!)– gonna be an early start!

Yoghurt and fruit for dinner.

Reading and bed. Hope I can sleep. ‘Night.

Wednesday 22 July 2009


Woke up. Opened present (deck of cards with horses on the back :) … wish I had someone to play snap with). Discovered the shirt I bought yesterday (the appropriate shirt) is actually a mans’ shirt. It’s also very creased. Oh well, i’m sure the tigers won’t notice. Dressed, packed backpack, had yoghurt. Off to other hotel where we being picked up.

Events from 6:30am to 5:30pm
Picked up in a minibus. Went to collect Australian couple. Tour guide is called Suki (like Polly put the kettle on, Suki take it off again). He’s wearing a swine flu mask!!! He said (and I quote – kind of) “you no wolly abou me. I wear mak for my asmatic. I have no soo-wai foo. I am heelty. In summer tiem, i cough like dees <insert coughing sound> I can only stop to cough if I drink cold beeya.”
This roughly translates to “Don’t worry about me in my mask, I wear it because I have asthma, nor because I have swine flu. I am healthy. In summer time, I cough like this <insert coughing sound>. The only thing that helps for my coughing, is a cold beer” … okaaaaaaay…
Off we go.
First stop: cemetery for Australian, Dutch and American sailor, soldiers and pilots from WW2. The gardens are immaculate! Tombstones very sad. So many young men in their early 20’s.


Next stop: See and walk along the Bridge over River Kwai.


Was built by Australian POWs. At the end of the bridge was a violinist playing (badly).


Dad says he was playing the tune “Over the River Kwai” … I personally thought it was “Oh when the Saints go Marching”… will never know. Then we went on a little boat (like a canoe, but with a motor) to the war museum. Saw old stuff like telephones, typewriters and surgical instruments from the 1940’s. Look so primitive. Can’t believe it only a few years ago. Advanced so much! Also horrific photos and newspaper articles etc from the POW camps from WW2. Then we had thai lunch at a restaurant on the river.
After lunch = Tiger Temple. Saw about 20 or 30 tigers in the meet and greet area. I thought this was as close as we would get to them… I was wrong!

All with leads and collars on. SO BEAUTIFUL!!! Walked with them from the meeting area to the Tiger Canyon where those who wanted photos could be escorted one by one and have pics taken. I had lots of photos taken, and took over 100 photos of the tigers! Was really amazing. Don’t think my dad enjoyed it much.





Walked back to the greeting area and had more photos with younger tigers (7 – 12 months) The temple is a monastery and run by monks and volunteers.

Back at hotel… cold shower time. So much of sweaty!!!

Caught sight of my semi-naked reflection in the shower mirror – almost fainted at the sight of how fat I am getting!!!

Foot massage. Not the SheMale. A young guy – doesn’t look more than 17. Was weird. So aware that my legs are not smooth!!!

Walked to The Pizza Company for dinner. Not bad – nice to have “normal food” again! Feel so full though.

Internet time and then bed for me. To dream of tigers and young massaging boys!

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Dear Diary…

Thailand Part 1

SATURDAY 18th July 2009


Left JHB on Singapore airlines. It’s about a 10 hour flight. Didn’t get the seat I wanted (window seat in the first row – with lotsa leg room) so I was stuck between a fat man and a hard place. Fat man = my dad. He spills over into my seat :(

Dinner = Chicken stir-fry, rice & veggies. Cheese & crackers & chocolate brownie. Not bad. Slept a little bit. Listened to Letters to Cleo on repeat for the entire flight.


SUNDAY 19th July 2009


Breakfast = 4am Singapore time = omelette. Landed at about 5am Singapore time. Airport is huge. Carpeted. Indoor gardens with ferns, koi ponds and tons of ferns. Very pretty. Free internet points dotted throughout the airport.


Singapore airport - Koi pond

Singapore airport



Landed in Thailand. My dad’s luggage is missing – charming! – glad it’s not mine – I woulda been pissed off!! Went to fill in forms, leave contact details for if (or when) they find it. Am so buggered and just wanna lie down.


Taxi to hotel. Sooooooo tired, but one thing to do before I can sleep…

Lemme explain something quick – everytime I have come to Thailand, @peter_vs gives me a present for when I am away – so I don’t get too homesick. Each time I go, he tries to outdo himself! :) This time, I got a gift bag with 10 individually wrapped presents – one for each day I’m away! So, I had to have my present for today before I could have a nap :) I grabbed the top present. It’s a little voice recording thingy, with a very sweet message on it. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s present. Anyway, sleep time!


6 hours sleep later. Shower, dress and walk around. It’s so wonderful to be warm! Glad to be missing a week of JHB winter.

Dinner = “Flied Lice” and shrimp.

My hotel room is 25 square meters. It is fine – clean and the pillows are comfy. There is only a shower, no bath – which is also ok :) We always stay here (Pratunam Palace – the fact that it has “Palace” in its name is like some sick joke though.).

Every time I come here, my view out my window is the same. I see a huge sparkling blue swimming pool on the roof of a hotel over the road. I wish I could go swimming there. It looks so nice! … Maybe this time…?






Back to hotel to read and sleep.


Fast asleep


MONDAY 20th July 2009

6 – 8am

wake up and doze off.


officially awake. Get dressed – it’s present time – woo hoo!! I might be considered to be a cheater here – coz I felt what this was before I opened it. A giant slab of Cadbury Chocolate Brownie flavoured chocolate! Yum – one of my favourites. I really felt like chocolate, so, I forfeited the

surprise and went with a sure thing :) .


Breakfast in my room = litchis and yoghurt. (litchis are funny here… their skin has long hair-like things on. But peeled they are just like ours.)




It’s worth mentioning that my dad’s luggage is still AWOL. Which means he is wearing the same clothes as he left JHB in, how many hours ago!!! Seriously dude, don’t you wanna change your pants, or shirt… hell, what about your underpants and socks!!! Nasty…


Off to do what we are going to do every day we are here… walk the markets in Bangkok – over and over and over and over again. Saw most of my dad’s suppliers – paid for orders and bought some other random stuff on the way. Hot and very Humid. Not sunny though. Always overcast.


Lunch at a supplier = spicy chicken, salad and chips (I think she went the Western Route for my benefit – last time she ordered some weird ass soup – duck liver or something…

eeeeuuuw!!). But there were these gross looking things that she said were cooked bananas – for dessert. They about the size of my finger though. Tasted one – so revolting – I felt like I was

on Survivor doing a food challenge!

After lunch we did more of the walking around thing. Have I mentioned the smell in Bangkok? It is horrible. Mixture of cooking (garlic, fish, chicken, who-knows-what-else, fruits, fried banana and sewerage. Wait, “sewerage” is a euphemism, isn’t it? The streets smell like poo. Yes, poo, is a more

accurate term.

We booked a tour for Wednesday. Starts at 6:15am – eish!! Going to River Kwai and to a Tiger Temple. Not allowed to wear bright colours according to the warning pamphlet we were issued. Also, it said not to “crouch in front of Tiger” – haha – I wonder if I can hide from the dragon!


Just saw a monster dead cockroach in the hotel corridor outside my dad’s room – yum! His luggage has finally arrived, so, the clothes he has been wearing since Saturday morning (it is now MONDAY FREAKING EVENING!!!) can finally be removed (if they haven’t started growing to his body). He has gone to shower (and hopefully change) and I am having a rest, listening to Jack Johnson and nibbling on chocolate.

Also, I have a mother headache.

Otherwise, things are Dandy…

Am off for a foot massage now… Later!


Foot massage was GREAT! My masseuse was a SheMale! One hour cost about 50 Ront! Do you have any idea how good it feels when you have your knee massaged? Seriaas! They also do a back and shoulder massage to end off. And twist your back until it clicks… really good!

The decor in that place was gorgeous too. Bright pinks and dark wood. Very cool!



Dinner at a place called Black Canyon Coffee. I had Pad Thai (noodles and shrimps – not bad, noodles chewy!)


Internet time, then shower, then reading and bed :)