I have watched a lot of movies in my time. I’m not a movie buff or anything… in fact, I don’t even think I am a movie fan. I have a really bad memory when it comes to movies – I can never remember the order of events, or recall lines from a movie. Often, I can’t even remember who acted in what. Yes, I suck.

This past weekend, I watched the world’s worst movie – ever! I won’t say what it was, or give away any sort of plot, to give you a clue as to which movie I am talking about (If you want to know, and not waste your time, Mail me!)

A brief synopsis: It starts out looking like it could be interesting… maybe a bit scary (then again, I get scared in ANYTHING!!!). Its quite exciting and thiller-ish. Movie moves at a decent pace and all the rest. Towards the end, you are obviously wondering how it is all going to come together and end. Ok… now is the point I started getting pissed off. You know how you sometimes joke about movie endings: “They all die” … “The aliens come and wipe out everything” … “there is a giant natural disaster and earth is obliterated”… etc etc etc. well… in this piece of cinematic brilliance, after investing 2 hours of your life into the movie, the plot, the characters… a giant alien spaceship comes out of the heavens, and destroys the whole of earth! WTF??? Seriously?? Yes, seriously!


I give it a Scintillating … ag, forget it, its not even worth a score!

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2 Responses to “The Worst Movie EVER!!!”

  1. Michael John Grove says: |

    I SO know the movie of which you speak – Utterly & fantastically a waste of time!

  2. Peter says: |

    Umm i would concur it did suck big time

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