Dear Diary…
Thailand Part 3

THURSDAY 23 July 2009

The only thing that gets me outta bed is going to get my present in the cupboard! Today’s one had a note about “size doesn’t matter” … intriguing! It’s a tiny measuring tape in the shape of a snail. Totally love it! Will keep it in my handbag… never know when you need to measure something :p

Up and at ‘em! (more up than at ‘em)

some damn Asian slammed my foot in a door! Might have a bruise tomorrow.

Chocolate Latte at Black Canyon Coffee. They play funny music there – always the same chick singing (sounds all girly, like Taylor Swift) but she does covers of Hoobastank and Simple Plan and Green Day etc – it’s actually pretty nice

Dad gone for a facial (it’s his Thailand thing – always goes – loves it – would NEVER EVER go at home!). I’m giving the facial a miss – reading in my room. Had enough of him. Starting to get homesick. Still 4 days to go.

6:30 – 7:45pm
Dinner = Tom Yum Goong Soup. I like this a lot. Tasty, very lemony too. Shrimps, mushrooms and other weird stuff I pick out. (Doesn’t look so fab in the photo – but I don’t have any other pics from today)

Time to shower and relax. Alone time! For some reason my arms hurt. Dunno why. Getting bored, restless, annoyed, homesick. Also, looking a bit crap. Pale. Wonder if it’s related.

Just realized… I don’t think I am “Homesick” so much as tired of my dad. It’s been a long past few days. He is irritating me. It’s not natural to spend THIS much time with a parent.  Also, he’s wearing the same shirt as yesterday. Isn’t it sweaty after spending hours in the baking sun at the tiger temple etc? Doesn’t he want a clean, fresh shirt every day? I do!!! Not sure if I can last until Monday without having a blowout. I hope I can.

Also, my hair is looking crap. Too much humidity and washing it every day is not working for me. Plus I need a trim and a colour. Dammit I can complain! On the plus side… I am going to have a chocolate milk – will make me feel better.

Lights out. Tomorrow is the last FULL day in Bangkok. We leave on Saturday morning, for Singapore, until midnight on Sunday.

Can’t sleep. Feel uneasy – itchy inside. Read for a while

Try this sleep thing again.


FRIDAY 24 July 2009

Up. Present = book: Deception Point Dan Brown. Won’t be reading it here. Brought a fluffy chick book – This Charming Man.
Very enjoyable fun read!!! Breakfast = yoghurt. Today is last day in Bangkok. Gonna tie up a few loose ends. Probably buy another scarf.

Packed rest of cargo (34 bags in total.) This is a third of them:


Lunch = 2 x bananas. Foot still hurts from being slammed in a door yesterday. No bruise though. Bought some artificial flowers for dad’s friend who wants to import them.


Back at hotel for a little rest. Am bored. Taking photos of my pills. I must be going mad!


Off to buy another scarf (came back with 2 actually) and some other general crap, really. I have now bought 7 silk scarves – this is enough (for now) aren’t they fantastical!!!??? Bought a blue/green striped one, a pinkish striped one, a big brown pashmina type one (to wear with a strapless brown dress I have), a big white one, small turquoise one, small periwinkle blue and a small cream one. (at home I already have a green, pink and blue scarves)


Also bought nail polish. It’s a pale shimmery brownish colour – I shall call it Barely Bronze. Painted finger and toe nails with new Barely Bronze polish. Feeling better about life.

Been reading – book is funny. Admired scarves again… tried them on, in different styles – mini fashion show for myself!

Sneezed 3 times in a row. Hope I didn’t catch swine flu from that dude in the lift (he sneezed as I got in)… will take some pills. Will also hold thumbs, say a prayer and smack self with lemongrass and garlic (wish I had a Wildebeest tail too). Will also face Mecca and say some Hail Mary’s– just for good measure. This should cure me, no?

4:00 – 5:30pm
Dad wants to go walking around in the streets… AGAIN… dammit man – seen 300m of Thailand vendors, seen the whole bloody lot!

5:45 – 6:45pm
Foot massage. Last one. Is so good!

Dinner. I had a chicken burger. Was ok.

8:30 – 9:30
Internet time

Shower, read and bed. Waking up at 7am tomorrow to catch a taxi to the airport. Our flight to Singapore leaves at 11:15am.

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  1. Peter says: |

    Damn u getting into this Blogging thing

  2. Tanya says: |

    it gives me an outlet for my pain!!

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