A while ago I blogged A Crytic Post… well, all is now revealed!

Peter_vs and I decided to buy a house! … it’s 500m from where we are now – in a suburb called Kyalami Hills (kinda like Beverley Hills… just better! ;p )

After 4 years of living together, paying off other peoples’ bonds… we decided it was time for our own place!

Our first place was a really spacious little two bedroomed, one bathroom, first floor unit in Bedfordview. It was really cute and modern.

Next, we upgraded to a ground floor townhouse in Midrand. Add one bathroom, and a garden for our Beagle we were planning on having getting. Also, add double electric garage. We have been very happy happy here – even adding another beagle to our family :D

Now – we are upgrading again… 3 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms (ie each with a bath AND shower!!). The ceilings are really high, which makes it feel a bit more spacious too! There’s an undercover patio, little outside entrance hall (where you would shake off your umbrella), bigger kitchen and slightly bigger garden. In fact – all the rooms are slightly bigger. There are palm trees in the garden. Hell, there are loads of plants in the garden, even a bunch of lollipop trees! And the washing line is in the sun!

This weekend we went looking for curtains (as we have none – both the places we have stayed in came with blinds/curtains). It’s very exciting!!!

We will be moving in on 1 October 2009… which is really just a few days away :D Oh, you know what else is really really weird…? When we FIRST moved in together… it was on 1 October! This is a good sign right? It all just happened this way, and I realised it a few days ago.

I’ve planned what I’m going to paint where, how I want to decorate, which curtains I want in my office and, and, and…

Here are some pics we took this weekend… there will be many more to follow once we move in, and start making it our own.


Front of house. Dbl garage. Thru security gate is the entrance to shake your umbrella

Outside - see the patio! yay!!!

Outside - see the patio! yay!!!

Some few palm trees!!

Some few palm trees!!

Main Bedroom

Main Bedroom

Yes, that’s right… I am looking for a BFF (Best Fried Forever).

I miss having a BFF. I had one, once… for a very very very long time. We did everything together. So many good times.

Camping in the garden, having tea parties with marie biscuits, building a tree-house, planting a veggie garden, starting a secret society at the bottom of the garden, making a time capsule box and burying it, playing our guitars on the street corner where we lived, roller-skating up and down the veranda, carving boy’s names into a tree, playing in the hammock, making up songs, roller-blading down the street, putting on silly Christmas concerts for our parents, making a restaurant in our tree-house, spying on the neighbours with binoculars, catching butterflies in the veld, walking the dogs, rubbing mud-pies all over our bodies before jumping in the pool, building villages for our Forest Families and Diaper babies. …I could go on and on and on… I do have about 15 years of material!!

We were friends practically before we were born – our mom’s became friends because they were both close to 40 and expecting babies.
We grew up together

(I am the bossy one in the middle… BFF is little one on the left)

Remember back in the day, when there used to be pen-pal adverts in the YOU magazine? We used to go through them, pick out a couple of boys, and write to them. We’d say we were sisters, Norma and Shelby. We enclosed a photo of ourselves. We dressed up in our mothers’ WORST clothes. Put crazy makeup on and made our hair look real bad! It was HILARIOUS! We never got any replies!

We lived on the same property for quite a while. We constructed a “note carrying device” between our bedroom windows. A matchbox attached to a pulley string – we’d send each other messages that way.

We also went through a phase when we would each have a torch in our bedroom, and we would do a secret “morse code” type thing every night at a certain time. We said that if either one of us either had a problem… we would SOS each other at night.

When we were about 13, she got chicken pox – our parents said I shouldn’t go and visit her. Of course I did! I couldn’t stay away… I got chicken pox.

We used to run through the sprinklers together and tell each other all sorts of secrets.

This is us on our first day of Standard 6… damn, those dresses are NASTY!


I won’t go into the details of me not having a BFF anymore – it’s not a story for a blog – well – not my blog.

But I do miss her. I miss having a BFF. It’s one thing to have a boyfriend/husband and say “They are my Best Friend” … sure, that sounds great – but even if your man IS your best friend… he will still be a pain in the ass sometimes. Who will you go to to complain about how he snores, or how his family annoys you, or how you wish he would put his socks in the laundry. A girl NEEDS a girl BFF!

I’ve had a gaping hole in my life for 12 years, 4 months and 5 days. Most days I don’t notice it, or miss it too much – but lately, for some reason… I am missing it – a lot.

I want a BFF!

I want someone to run through the sprinklers with… someone to play dress up with… someone to send secret notes to… someone to talk about boys with… someone who is worth getting chicken pox for!

So… if you wanna be my BFF – please apply within :p

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I like fonts… like A LOT :) I have over 10 000.

I figured a section dedicated fonts on my blog would be cool.

There is a place (most places actually) that calls for fonts like Arial, Helvetica, Avant Garde, Times etc etc. Yes, we all know about these fonts and they are great, and work well – but what about the fun fonts… the ones that make you smile (or make me smile at least). The Font Section on my blog is for these fonts. The ones you download, but hardly ever use.

The fonts you save, hoping a job will come in that calls for a crazy fun font. They are few and far between (the jobs, not the fonts – hell there are millions of these crazy-ass fonts).

Every now and then, I’ll put up a few fonts and where to download them.

Here are the first three… Please welcome:

“Hooked on Booze”, “Slugfest” and “Billo”


Download Hooked on Booze HERE


Download Slugfest HERE


Download Billo HERE

I have actually used 2 of these 3 fonts! Hooked on Booze adorned an invitation to an (Anti) Christmas Party. And I recently did some Lipbalm labels for a client and used Billo – it looked pretty cute :)

(it looks weird on such a small scale though!)


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Last night I had the WEIRDEST dream!! Just as I was drifting off to sleep.

I dreamt about an Indian Folk story. It was about a blue elephant called Mara. The story was told through pictures woven into tapestries. It was really very strange. I can’t remember very much about the actual story – but the Mara was not a very friendly elephant… she wanted to kill young boys. Somehow, I was dragged into the tapestry tale. I had to distract her while smuggling all the little boys to safety!

Hmmm, last time I drink Kuluha before bedtime!


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