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Check out my Freelance Design at Snapping Turtle‘s website. Print Portfolio, Digital Portfolio, Testimonials – the whole toot. Oh, and remember to check out Specials and Promotions!!

Keep me in mind when you need something designed or printed!


I have another blog on Neigh-Bours. Check it out here. If you are a horsey person, check out the site. There’s a forum and tons of friendly peeps.

You can start your own horse type blog! My blog is all about starting to ride again (after over 10 years).

CLPIf you are into downloading stuff to organise your PC a little more… Check out Cool Little Program for reviews of apps and programs which do all sorts of fantastical things.

Oh, I might as well mention that Snapping Turtle did the blog customisation for Cool little Program :)

beagleWhat kind of mother would I be if I didn’t have a link on my site to!!?? My beagles are my absolute favourite people in the world! This site gives info about the scent hunts we do with the beagles in the winter months.

We also have a forum, BeagleTalk, for crazy nutters like me who could talk about beagles all day long!

Snapping Turtle did this site too.

inxFor the Adventures and minor misadventures of Lacemutt – my dear old sister :)

Keeps me amused… should make grin too!

SGDo you like Geese? Do you like Tweets? Do you like Blogs? Then check out SnowgooseSA – The Only Tweeting, Blogging Goose!

SnowgooseSA is bound to keep you entertained, one way or another!


So, Happy Spring and all that crap.

Time for another #FontFriday I think…

First up is a font to celebrate Spring. Yes, it is horribly cheesy – but what the hell!

It’s called Blomster. Kinda cute if you like flowers, or need to do a silly invitation or something weird.


Download Blomster HERE

Next up is Hotel Coral Essex. It caught my eye because of the texture of the font. I found it in the “Eroded” section… but it looks so soft. I really like it.


Download Hotel Coral Essex  HERE

Last font for today is just so cute – I love stuff like this! It looks best on a big scale… which is why I made the thumbnail bigger than normal. The detail is awesome, all the little stars and crosses and squiggles… I especially love how some of the letters look like they are unravelling (See the “S” and the “C”) … very cool!


Download Abusive Pencil HERE

Hope you enjoyed the fonts :)

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