So, Happy Spring and all that crap.

Time for another #FontFriday I think…

First up is a font to celebrate Spring. Yes, it is horribly cheesy – but what the hell!

It’s called Blomster. Kinda cute if you like flowers, or need to do a silly invitation or something weird.


Download Blomster HERE

Next up is Hotel Coral Essex. It caught my eye because of the texture of the font. I found it in the “Eroded” section… but it looks so soft. I really like it.


Download Hotel Coral Essex  HERE

Last font for today is just so cute – I love stuff like this! It looks best on a big scale… which is why I made the thumbnail bigger than normal. The detail is awesome, all the little stars and crosses and squiggles… I especially love how some of the letters look like they are unravelling (See the “S” and the “C”) … very cool!


Download Abusive Pencil HERE

Hope you enjoyed the fonts :)

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