This is a rant…


So, I run The Beagle Website, right? The last week or so, I have had a FLOOD of emails from people looking to rehome their young beagles. Young = between 1 year and 3 years old. They have various reasons, and some I can cope with. However… there are 3 sets of people who want to rehome their dogs because either:

a) they had a baby and now all their attention must go there

b) their other dog died and the beagle is lonely…

or c) *my personal anger-inducer* their kids no longer want the 18month old dogs because they are no longer puppies!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF!?!?!?!?!?!

Arrrg, my blood boils!

I know I love my dogs probably a little too much, or more than healthy normal but really! Isn’t a dog (or any pet) a part of your family? I always refer to my dogs as my children… I know some people think this is going overboard, but thats ok (you all have weird habits I dont understand!)

I mean – getting a pet is a CONSCIUOS DECISION! You weigh the pro’s and con’s. Can you afford it? Can you give it the time/attention it needs? Having a kid is often less of a plan than getting a dog… but yet, people are happy to palm off the dogs when they get bored.

i understand that times are tough with the economy and stuff, and it’s not as easy as it was a year or two ago to afford the dog food, vets bills, toys etc – trust me, i am feeling it too! but i would sooner cancel my gym membership, or cut down on my own luxuries, like facials, hairdresser etc than give my children dogs away! But hey, maybe that’s just me…


Pets are only in your life for a short 10-odd years. Unlike smelly whiny children who are there to stay until YOU DIE!!

I can’t get over the fact that these people are happy to just give away a member of their family because it’s no longer convenient – ESPECIALLY the people who have dumped their two 18  month old female beagles at the kennels and not fetched them because the kids are tired of them! Sheesh – i’d love to smack some sense into those people!

So, anyway, if you, or anyone you know, can give a beagle or two a forever home… please take a look at the website.

We need new homes for:

Patsy and Burtie – together. They are actually Oscar’s litter brother and sister.


Copper & Purdy – together (abandoned coz the kids brats don’t want them)



Sheesh! Time to calm down


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Got this email from my cuz… it’s just too cute, I had to put it on my blog…

Be nice to others because
as time goes on,
it will make a difference !



So, during the winter months, we take our beagles drag hunting (read more here)


At the end of the season, the Top Ten beagles compete in a 6km run.

Then, in about November we have a big hoo-hah fancy-schmancy prizegiving and stuff. This year, it was at the JHB Country Club in Woodmead. It’s an excuse to get all dressed up. Normally, when we all see each other, at the hunts, its 8am on a Sunday morning… we are tired/hunover/flu-ish and always in our oldest dirtiest clothes, generally covered in muddy doggy paw prints and yawning :) I *always* wear a cap pulled down as low as possible.

So, to get all dressed up, in a LBD, heels, makeup, hair done, earrings etc is quite a big deal! The guys are all in suits/tuxes and it’s all very swanky – sometimes we don’t even recognize each other! (will see if i can get hold of some pics)

Anyway – the evening is about honouring our dogs and their achievements.

Last year, there were a total of 50-odd beagles throughout the season… harry placed 13th and Oscar placed 24th (he only ran about one third of the season towards the end as he was a pup)… THIS YEAR, Oscar had been a little hunting machine throughout the season and made the Top Ten (as mentioned in an earlier post)

So, all the results were released last night, certificates, trophies and prizes awarded.  There have been a total of 104 (!!!!!!!!) beagles this season – unreal!!! Harry placed 13th (AGAIN!!) and dear little Oscar, who is not even 2 years old yet, placed 6th!!!! Out of 104! How awesome!!! He won a keyring with his name on, a badge to sew onto his hunting bib, and a lovely rosette!

AND… he was awarded the prize for “Most improved” which came with a trophy! WOW!! *I* have never won a trophy before! So proud :D

Oh, and, Oscar was awared “Best Beagle on the 24th May 2009 Hunt” which is pretty damn cool too!!

Check all our loot:

Oscars prizes

Proud sausage modelling his rosette:


It turns out, Harry *JUST* missed the top ten… he was in it up until the last hunt or two – when he started slacking and other beagles upped their game :)

We’re so proud of both of them, and are thrilled to be able to have Oscar’s name engraved on a trophy! :)