Shew – what a weekend!

It was fun and i want to document, but only have a few minutes… so it’ll be a picture blog in point form! :)


  • The lounge wall is very big and was very empty


  • i designed a gorgeous scene and had it printed and blockmounted and it was delivered on Friday – i LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!! it’s 1.3m accross and 1m high.
  • makes a HUGE difference.


  • Finished product:


  • Also… I had 3 other mounts done (400 x 400mm) to go above the zen light in the entrance/dining area… they look fab too! Because of the high ceiling, we REALLY needed something striking.


  • oh, on Friday, I also went horse riding… more info about that here


  • Had invited Peters friends for a housewarming … so lots to do.
  • Rushed off to Bedford to get post and buy a present at Exclusive Books
  • Stopped in Edenvale to buy braai meat – at a butcher recommended to us – but it wasn’t that great… still prefer the one at Bruma – not as dodgy as it sounds, i promise!
  • Home to make the dessert (fabulous btw)
  • IMG00166-20091205-1217Tidied the house
  • Made potato salad for 10 people (where are we going to put everyone in our little housie??!?)
  • Jumped in the shower at about 12:30 – guests expected at 2pm
  • 1pm – bell rings, first peeps arrived. eish. oh well :)
  • The day was lots of fun … we managed to fit 8 guests, the 2 of us, and the 2 beagles onto the patio for late lunch. impressive.
  • Played some rockband… which the boys TOTALLY hogged… how very unfair!


  • I got some lovely orange roses though :) – wonder if the read my blog post from last week about Things I Love


  • Sent everyone off home and had a little chill time outside – all this excitement tires me out!
  • Spent the rest of the night, and early hours of the morning hugging the toilet bowl… fun… :(


  • Took it easy – feeling fragile.
  • Went for the most fantastic facial at Sorbet. Was exactly what I needed.
  • Stopped on the way home to *LOOK* at the nursery and ended up spending R200 on seedlings and a sprinkler thingy.
  • went home, peter dug out a big ugly bush and we planeted the seedlings and tidied up the flower bed.
  • I want to buy a frangipani tree and one or two hibiscus bushes for this bed…



  • And then, we put up our christmas tree…


Was a tiring but very fun weekend :)