so… my sisters have been hounding me on Facebook for all the gory details etc about the events that took place on Christmas eve, 24 December, 2009 … at about 8pm :)

I suspected NOTHING! Getting married is something Peter and I have spoken about once or twice… but at the last count the consensus was “when we have more money” … which is certainly not now, as we just bought a house!

So, anyway… i was carrying along with my life very merrily, trying my best not to attack everyone who keeps hassling me with the “so when are you guys getting married” questions… It isn’t something I have given too much though to, and I never expected that I would have to give it any thought for a while to come!

So, come Christmas eve… Peter decided that we would have a nice quiet evening at home, just the two of us (and the beagles) … as Christmas day was gonna be with his family, and Boxing Day with my family… I didn’t think spending the evening at home was suspicious at all! I am not one of those people who gets all into the Christmas spirit and stuff (Peter is very much that kind of person tho!) … so I thought this was for my benefit – a compromise… quiet at home, and then two days of crazy family stuff.

So, he bought a little leg of lamb from Woolies, and some veggies and salad and dessert etc… I went to jump in the bath, and when I got out, the table was all beautifully set: (ok, it looked way better in real life!!)


Our dinner was delicious… i was so full (and full of wine too!).

Peter had also decided that we would open 2 presents each on Christmas eve… and the other one the next morning (we each had 3 prezzies, so it worked out well :) ) … the deal was: I could choose one from him for me, and he would choose the other one for me from him (and visa versa).

I chose a super light one that I had been eyeing out for days… it was quite biggish and the weight of a feather! He chose for me a “set of presents” to open… he said the 3 boxes were all part of one present that went together in an order: green box, red box, white box (they were also very light)… so I opened my first present that I chose and it’s a nice leather pouch for my Blackberry :) yay – i have been wanting a nice pouch since i got the phone.


so, i can’t remember the exact way things went down after that… but then it was my turn to open my set of 3 presents…

first box was quite big, and sounded like cereal when i shook it… i opened it up, and inside was a keyring with pink ducks on, a gold beaded bookmark and 3 little christmas tree decorations – silver presents about the size of a matchbox – just square. Interesting,…. a keyring and a bookmark. I was a little dissappointed, I wont lie! peter is usually really good at getting me awesome presents, but he has had a few bad ones (like the time i got a pen for christmas a few years back).

so, next present was a slightly smaller box… opened it up – 3 candles – star shaped and covered in red glitter … weird. and another 2 silver present decorations. he says to me “the candles are for your bathroom”…. i say “thanks honey”… but think to myself – ummm, my bathroom is PINK – why do u get me RED candles…??

next present… open up, and its 2 more silver present decorations. wow – great – i got tree decorations for christmas! then he says to me, look, one present is heavier than the others… and gives it to me. I unwrap it:


now i’m a little nervous as i am guessing it’s jewellery, and well… our taste in jewellery is VERY VERY different – although, the last few pairs of earrings he bought me were really nice.

I open it up and see this:


now i am confused… it is looking at me with all sparklies and bling and i’m thinking it looks really expensive and stuff… and suspiciously like a You-Know-What-Ring… but it can’t be!!?!??  I have no idea what i did or said… but he took the open box, got down on his knee and said the magical words… “Tanya de Ville, will you marry me…?” – again, I dont know what i did or said – other than sitting there staring at him with a bit of a frown – i was totally confused (too much wine maybe? yes, let’s go with that!)
Eventually he got a yes out of me – when i found my voice! :) he he! and then he asked me which hand it goes on, coz for the life of him, he has never known and probably never will know! <3

so – yes, the ring is HUGE and sparkly and beautiful! it would be something i would have looked at in a shop, but glanced over very quickly and gone for something smaller and plainer – but it is beautiful!!! one big-ass round diamond in the middle, with 3 smaller (note i say smaller, and not small – as even the smaller ones are big!) diamonds on either side…

It’s elegant and classical and shiny and wonderful. oh, and it fits!! can you believe it! it actually fits my fat sausage fingers! like a glove… no, *better* than a glove! :)


so – that is the story of the sparkly!!

Thanks to everyone for all the twitter and facebook love :)

and thanks to my stukkie, who is amazing beyond belief. Anything, everything and more that any girl could possibly want! Kind, funny, generous, caring, loving, patient, gentle, strong, sensitive, motivated, understanding, supportive,  friendly, interested and interesting, hard-working, fun-loving, Tanya-loving… oh, and he is really handsome too!! I love you honey bunch… so very much xxx thank you for everything!