So, with all the excitement of Christmas eve… I didn’t really do a Christmas blog!

You don’t need more gory details about the 24th! ;)

Christmas Day we headed off to Peter’s folks for the day. Spent the day relaxing, swimming in the pool (which was so warm it hardly helped cool us down!) and just chilling. Oh, and there was some sparkly-flashing and stuff. We did the present swapping thing and stuff. Had a braai for late lunch. just as we were about to head home, it was decided that we needed to have a toast – so the champagne was hauled out and a few congratulatory words were said :)
We only got home about 9pm… poor beagles had been alone all day, and missed their usual 6pm dinner time!

Boxing day was with my family at my brother’s house for prawns and cold gammon – no clue whose idea that combination was! It was very yummy tho! My family doesn’t do Christmas presents for the adults… and there’s only one kid in the family… so it makes it easy :)

This is the first time my family heard about the sparkly…! I had sent my mom on sms on Christmas day – but, turns out, it never went thru!!! So, we cornered my mom and told her first! She flung her arms around both of us, eyes all a-glisten! then, everyone heard the commotion and came filtering in… my sister in law – who jumped up and down and squealed! My sister in law’s mom and sister… who did the hug and congrats thing… then my 9 year old nephew wanted to know what was happening and why everyone was looking at my hand… my mom told him “Tanya and Peter got engaged, and he gave her that ring, which means she has promised to marry him”… he looked a bit puzzled – somehow, I think he might have thought we were already married!!! haha! Then, I see my brother in a corner with a very puzzled look on his face – i guess this is how i must have looked when Peter popped the question. Haha – so, brother sticks out his hand and gives me a handshake and says “well done”… my brother shook my hand – we are tight like that! All through this my dad (he is a bit deaf!!) is outside, preparing the prawns for lunch! he is none the wiser… pffft! my mom went to tell him… funny old man. all he could say was “peter, you are very brave”… Sometimes I wonder about him.

There was eating, drinking, swimming and trompoline-ing.

Anyway… so all the family have been informed *phew!*

we headed off home very full after lunch.

Then, on the Sunday 27th… we were invited to newly made friends from our beagle hunting group… they are both Chefs! (he teaches at The Culinary School and she is a pastry chef!). So we had the MOST FANTASTIC lunch! We each had a lamb shank (and we took our 2 bones home for our 2 beagles, and their 2 beagles got 2 bones!), pork belly, crackling, fluffy mashed potatoes, crunchy veggies and delicious little pastry thingies. It was divine!! Then we all went off to the afternoon show of Pinocchio at the Theatre… it was really fun! Got back to their place and had dessert… OMG!!!!!! i have NEVER in my LIFE had such a divine thing! It was totally awesome, and presented so beautifully, it looked (and tasted) like it was right off the set of Top Chef or something! It was a chocolate torte type thing, served with a salty ice-cream (to balance the rich sweetness of the chocolate) and garnished with berries and Kumquat with some kumquat syrupy stuff — i do not know all the proper terms for this delicious stuff… but oh my word, was it totally divine!

Monday was back to work for Peter *sad face* … but on Monday night we spent the evening at Mangwanani for their moonlight spa – it was awesome, and i totally recommend Magwanani to EVERYONE!!

Tuesday was back to work (for my dad) with me… so, it’s all over now… no more festivities, no more holidays… NYE is gonna be a quiet one at home with the beagles.

It was actually a really nice Festive season… I got to spend time with peter, my family, his family AND our new friends.

I also got rather spoilt…
apart from The Sparkly, I got:
A Blackberry pouch
Fossil Purse
Woolies voucher
Russell Hobbs Electric Carving Knife
Electric Wok

… and lots of good memories… I leave 2009 feeling happy and loved. All the bad things that happened this year are overshadowed by the last week which has been more than awesome.

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