1 January 2000 to 31 December 2009… what has this past decade brought me.


I went to visit my sister in America – we went to Disney World, Sea World and Key West – it was AWESOME!!!
I matriculated
My brother and his wife had their first (and only) child – Marc


I got my drivers’ licence
I spent 4 months in Israel with my other sister, looking after her (then) 18 month old son. It was a very special time for me to spend with him!
I lost contact with a lot of all my friends from high school – and caught up with them on Facebook – years later!

I got my first car! An old Opel Kadett – faded red. Boy, could that thing go!! My Li’l Red Devil.
I started college – studied Graphic Design in Hatfield.
I met two very cool friends who will probably be my friends for the rest of my natural life and beyond!

I got my first laptop – as a 21st birthday present from my sisters.
I met Peter :)

I graduated from college

I got my first job!
I got a new car (new for me, not new to the world!!) – poor Li’l Red Devil was giving up the ghost.
I quit my job and got a new one
I moved out of my parents’ home, and in with a boy!!! – skandaal!

dry year – I can’t think of a *single* thing that happened!

I quit my job – without having another one to go to
I moved to Midrand with Peter
Harry was born, and came to live with us <3
Snapping Turtle was born
I started working for my dad
Oscar was born (but we didn’t know about him yet!!)
– a lot of births this year!

we got Oscar
We discovered and joined Beagle Scent Hunting & met lots of really awesome beagles & their people.
We started taking agility with the beagles more seriously

I took up horse riding again – after many years break
We bought a house!
I got a sparkly!!!

Here’s to the next 10 years… I can only *imagine* what they will bring!


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