About a week ago, I saw Pinkhairgirl had a post on her blog “Show me your Tat!” … unfortunately, I don’t have a tattoo – so I can’t join in that discussion, but I want to challenge you to SHOW ME YOUR #SPARKLY!


leave a link to a pic of your #sparkly below…

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5 Responses to “Show me your #Sparkly”

  1. acidicice says: |

    My engagement/wedding rings: (they are fused now)

  2. Tanya says: |

    wow – that’s very unusual! beautiful!! – it looks like an heirloom :)

  3. Sally-Jane says: |

    mine which I lost, maybe it was a sign..
    It was never an engagement or wedding ring, just one we got set later after I begged and begged. I loved it so much, I found the design and loved that the diamond was an unusual shape.

  4. Sally-Jane says: |

    does not seem to have put my links in

  5. Tanya says: |

    @sally-jane … the shape is beautiful… i have a friend with a similar shape – very pretty… its nice to see all the different styles etc

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