I’m starting this post in Mid-Jan 2010, but will only post it around the end of Jan…

I don’t usually do New Years Resolutions… but I want to make a list of things to work towards, and hopefully get them to become a habit and part of my life. It may be boring to read, it’s mostly for my own benefit and to serve as a reminder – so feel free to skip it :)

2010 resolution-type-things:

  1. I want to try a new recipe once a month. I am rather unimaginative in my cooking, and i often read delicious recipes on philly_girl’s blog which i always mean to try – and never do!
  2. I must sit up straight and keep my shoulders back. They say that standing straight makes you look thinner (and is obviously better for you)
  3. I want to have my hair cut more often. It looks and feels so good, and is so much easier to manage. I’m aiming for every 6 to 8 weeks (like a normal person… not every 4 months!)
  4. Who doesn’t wanna lose a bit of weight!?
  5. I must work hard at promoting my business and getting it off the ground PROPERLY.
  6. With regards to work…  I’d love to get a new Website Design job at least every 2 months (more often would be awesome, but let’s not aim too high!)
  7. *sigh* i need to be more patient and not lose my temper for small things.
  8. I would really like to go on an Adobe Illustrator course this year
  9. More of a goal for THIS year… planning on going on a big holiday this year – I’m keeping more details under wraps for now
  10. I would like to do a mini detox once a month (or maybe every second month)… this is a tough one, as i have NO self control with food… but I can notice a difference in my body and my skin when I cut out sugar and processed stuff… I will try :)

So… there you I have it. Some things to work towards this year.

Wish me luck!!

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  1. Angel says: |

    It looks like a completely doable list to me!

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