I need your help!

I have begged and pleaded sufficiently for Peter to agree to do a photoshoot with Jeanette … like an engagement thingy… We’ve been together so long, but we dont really have ANY photos of us together… disgusting really :(

I figured now is as good a time as ever – we will never be younger, probably never be thinner etc etc…

The help I need is what to wear/take/do… Jeanette did a great engagement shoot for Angel recently… but we don’t dance, or bake cupcakes…! I am worried we end up looking like “ritards”!! (not that I have EVER seen anyone Jeanette photographs looking silly!

Without disclosing too much top secret info ;) the shoot will be outside – with a fair amount of bundu-bashing I think! So… I will probably wear jeans and a sleeveless black top… And then, I have a long white cotton summer dress which I am hoping to wear… but we’ll see :)

I am clueless about ideas of extra things to take/do… *sigh*

I’m sure Jeanette will be great at getting us to look good :) … I do hope she can get a good shot or two of the #sparkly! :)

If you have any brilliant ideas or tips for me, PLEASE SHARE!!

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