If you follow me on twitter, you will have seen I was not having the best day today…

If Kanye West had to describe it, he would say “It was the worst day of all time, yo’, ALL time!!”…

*sigh* Peter is sick – so I am already grumpy, coz he coughs and sneezes so loudly, and leaves snotty tissues lying around!! – but i still love him!

Started off with my maid arriving – who i know is stealing from me… I asked her to look for the 3 missing things as they HAD to be in the cupboard, coz i know they were there 2 weeks ago.

I go out – to do my one day a week work-for-my dad. I had to stop and do a “quick” collect and deliver at an office in centurion – i waited almost 30 mins for the damn lady to come downstairs to reception so we could swap stuff.

Then, I get to my folks place, and i have to load 5 HUGE bags into my car – all by myself – no-one else was home… and these bags weigh like 10-squillion tonnes each. I am now hot, sweaty and annoyed… AND my shoe breaks as I pick up the 3rd bag!!! (Just 2 weeks ago my other sandals broke – now i have NO summer sandals :(

So, I go to my dad’s PC (which has a broken hinge and no “P”-button) and try and receive the important email I sent him this morning – i need the docs I emailed him to be able to do the work today… and his stupid MotherTrucking 3g refuses point blank to connect!! I tried about 6 times… in different USB holes… restarted, switched off… everything!!! NOTHING WORKED… now i am FUMING! it is late and i need to go to The Dam and do the stock and crap there… I end up creating a new spreadsheet document to use for the day – this takes about 30 mins, so i am SUPER late!! Arrrrgh!!

My mom comes in and i ask to borrow a pair of shoes – she only has granny shoes… so I ended up wearing: my pink cargo pant, a t-shirt, and granny shoes with a low wedge heel and straps in gorgeous tones of silver, gold, bronze and copper… can you say SEKSIE!?

Eventually, after a momma-cuppa-tea-and-rusk and recreating the damn spreadsheet, i bundle my miserable self into my boiling hot car and drive 60-odd kilometres to The Dam.

There is a customer in the shop who is annoying as all hell… a short loud, young Portuguese lady with a black female assistant who is growing a beard (seriaas!)… they are trying to buy stock to resell – but only have R1500!! and want EVERYTHING in the shop!! can u handle it!! Oh, and she was high – like on some serious shiz! falling all over the place, pulling faces that only Porra’s can pull – sheesh! I was there for about 40 minutes before they eventually left and i could do the stock and crap…

Oh, and everyone looked at me funny in my pink cargo pant and gold granny wedges.

Drive all the way from The Dam to centurion with my Current-Feel-Good song on repeat on my iPod in the car… same song for 60-odd km helped only marginally.

Got back, dropped off the crap and came back to my house… the maid says “I couldn’t find even one”[meaning the missing stolen items].

Sigh – i am so annoyed. And i am not even PMS-ing!

You know, long ago, when the world was invented… and days were invented? There have been good days and bad day, hot days and cold days…? Well, THIS day, was THE WORST day in the history of forever, since days were invented.

I have this to say: Burn in hell you motherf*ing bitch day with a pineapple shoved up your ass you bastard! [if i knew more swear words, i would use them *note to self: learn more swear words]

Then I think – my day was kak, right, but, like, no-one died, everyone i love is still safe and healthy. We are not in any financial trouble, or any trouble… generally I am quite lucky – but still – today was the worst day of all time yo’ all time – and the granny wedges made it WORSE!


END RANT – thanks for visiting :D

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7 Responses to “The WORST day – EVER!”

  1. SheBee says: |

    Hahahahaa. Oh how I love it when someone rants without TRYING to be funny, it makes it even more hilarious. Sorry you had such a crappy day love. Here’s hoping tomorrow is better.


  2. Tanya says: |

    u find my suffering funny?

    wait til u have to go out in public wearing gold and bronze granny wedges. ha!

  3. Tony says: |

    Damn, that sucks doll.
    Have taken note of your need to learn new swear words and found you a valuable resource for this commendable plan of action:

    Enjoy. :)

  4. Tanya says: |

    Thanks tony :) learnt some new stuff there… My favourites: turd, bollocks and fudgepacker… Will be sure to use them when I have a f*ing kak day again :)

  5. Ingrid says: |

    i don’t know who coined the following phrase, but to shout it out when i am mad always helps:

  6. Ingrid says: |


  7. Ingrid says: |

    Sorry, I just had a need to share that with you!

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