So – time for another #FontFriday methinks :)

We all know it is the International Day of Luuuurve this weekend right…? I couldn’t help myself and I had to do a Luuuurve Font this Friday :) But this font is just so cute and it reminds me of the Adrian Mole Books… gosh, I loved those books, they were funny hey!?

Anyway, so the Font is called JULES LOVE and you can download it here.

have a Happy Wellingtons Day :)

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2 Responses to “#FontFriday Valentines Edition”

  1. cat@juggling act says: |

    Saw your shoot at Jeanette’s – beautiful I think. That woman is brave – she did a family shoot for us with 3 kids and 2 dogs and it came out amazing. So yes, do think about a family shoot with the pups in future.

    Please please tell me where you got your shoes. I love them.

  2. Tanya says: |

    i think we will do a shoot with the beagles later in the year… they are so special to us… and very photogenic (they get it from their dad :p

    i got my shoes at Woolies about a year ago – they are SO comfy, i just adore them!!

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