• i slept so well for the first time in ages last night! – wonder if the 2 myprodol i popped before bed helped…?
  • i survived the first month working for myself… only just tho!
  • there’s a possibility of a midrand tweetup! should be fun… just us tweeps from midrand :)
  • we havent been to dog training since about october last year!! i feel bad for the beagles! we have done other fun stuff with them tho. but they do love training
  • i am loving horse-riding again :D highlight of my week!
  • i had my first fall off a horse since riding again… last friday :p
  • my nails are very fragile and keep breaking (wonder if having gel nails for a month weakened them a bit)
  • my hair is too short… it looks good when it’s ‘done’ but not so good when its not :(
  • i still feel bad about firing my maid last week :(
  • today is my sister’s birthday!!
  • the transition to Windows7 has been really easy – i am impressed with myself and i like my new laptopp – thanks Peter :)
  • i still like to play with my #sparkly in the sun and see the patterns and colours the reflections make
  • i really want a tattoo (another blog post about this soon!)
  • i am typing this post on my dad’s laptop… he doesn’t have a ‘p’ on his keyboard…
  • if u type ‘random picture’ into google, you get this picture:

5 Responses to “random stuffs”

  1. MeeA says: |

    * I think doing your own thing is an awesome idea! Good on you for taking the plunge – I’m sure it’s going to be a massive success!
    * Gel nails will destroy your own nails! “Kak wat die duiwel uitgedink het!” as my mom would say…
    * Re: the hair – this is why I usually just leave mine alone. Then it gets really, really long. And then I go all drastic and cut it all off! :)
    * It sucks about the maid, and I’m sorry you feel bad. But stealing is just not okay.
    * Happy birthday to your sister!
    * I wanted a tattoo for the longest time, but have never found a design I would be happy to have on me for the rest of my life. Also, David really doesn’t like them and has pretty much begged me not to do it. So I figure I can live without it.

  2. tanya says: |

    that comment was a blog post all in itself :)
    thanks for the kind words re: taking the plunge and going solo!!

  3. Angel says: |

    How awesome that your first month working for yourself went so well!
    And I too love staring at my shiny… it looks so gawjiss in the sunlight, and in the artificial light of a mall, and by the light of passing streetlamps…

  4. Sally-Jane says: |

    working for yourself is bloody hard but I would not change it for the world, good luck

  5. Tanya says: |

    lol @ angel and differnt types of light :) artificia lights are the best for #sparkly’s :)

    @sally-jane… thank you!! hope it carries on this way :) i am so chuffed!!

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