After my “HELP!!” blog a few days ago, i got some links & ideas from various people for The Engagement Shoot … I had a look at the sites recommended, and found a bunch of really nice stuff :D

There was a suggestion that we take the beagles to the shoot – but I’m not totally sold on that idea… dont get me wrong, you all know how much a ADORE my boys – but they are quite a handful… and we are going to a place we haven’t explored before, so I’m a bit nervous to take them along… BUT i was thinking, maybe later in the year we can do a “family” shoot – the 4 of us at a nice park or something… I’d like that a lot!! :)

Anyway… back to the task at hand …

I saved a couple of pics that I really like – for some reference etc… hmmm, is this like the start of wedding planning?? eeek!! i don’t need to be thinking of that kinda stuff! Sheesh!

Oh well… here are some snippets of photos i liked :) … there’s not really a particular “feel” that i like more than another – i seem to like everything – the fun shots, tender/romantic and the more abstract stuff…

Off Christine Meintjies site, I really loved this shoot – particularly the pics of the couple lying in the grass: (more on the site)


Off Rock ‘n Roll Bride I liked this fun pic


I found a lot of sweet, romantic tender pics…

I really like this one off Rock ‘n Roll Bride (I think its my favourite pic i found)


also off Rock ‘n Roll Bride – i like how it looks so natural, not posed at all… like the photographer snuck up on them :)


Then, I like these more abstract type ones too:

Rock ‘n roll bride (Thanks Angel, I think I’m becoming addicted!)


I think this is super cute


Then, we must get a couple of shots of the #Sparkly!! Most of the shots i could find are REALLY cheesy… like her hand resting lovingly on his… I mean, I know that the whole idea probably is quite lame… but i managed to find a few that weren’t that awful ;)

This one is a little cheesy, but not too bad, hey?


This one I like – it’s different and something new


and then this one is a lovely shot – maybe it would look cheesy if the ring wasnt so pretty ;) but u can almost see the movement here – it doesn’t look staged – which is cool.


And then, Jeanette sent me some links of shoots that couples did with their dogs :)

- like i said, maybe we’ll do that later in the year – I would really like to!!

Take a look at the doggy-friendly engagement shoots here, here and here… it looks like it could be a lot of fun… but The Beagles are quite naughty little buggers sometimes…! But ever so photogenic! :)

So – I’m really looking forward to the shoot… which is just over a week away. Thanks to everyone who commented and sent me some inspiration :D much appreciated!!

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If you follow me on twitter, you will have seen I was not having the best day today…

If Kanye West had to describe it, he would say “It was the worst day of all time, yo’, ALL time!!”…

*sigh* Peter is sick – so I am already grumpy, coz he coughs and sneezes so loudly, and leaves snotty tissues lying around!! – but i still love him!

Started off with my maid arriving – who i know is stealing from me… I asked her to look for the 3 missing things as they HAD to be in the cupboard, coz i know they were there 2 weeks ago.

I go out – to do my one day a week work-for-my dad. I had to stop and do a “quick” collect and deliver at an office in centurion – i waited almost 30 mins for the damn lady to come downstairs to reception so we could swap stuff.

Then, I get to my folks place, and i have to load 5 HUGE bags into my car – all by myself – no-one else was home… and these bags weigh like 10-squillion tonnes each. I am now hot, sweaty and annoyed… AND my shoe breaks as I pick up the 3rd bag!!! (Just 2 weeks ago my other sandals broke – now i have NO summer sandals :(

So, I go to my dad’s PC (which has a broken hinge and no “P”-button) and try and receive the important email I sent him this morning – i need the docs I emailed him to be able to do the work today… and his stupid MotherTrucking 3g refuses point blank to connect!! I tried about 6 times… in different USB holes… restarted, switched off… everything!!! NOTHING WORKED… now i am FUMING! it is late and i need to go to The Dam and do the stock and crap there… I end up creating a new spreadsheet document to use for the day – this takes about 30 mins, so i am SUPER late!! Arrrrgh!!

My mom comes in and i ask to borrow a pair of shoes – she only has granny shoes… so I ended up wearing: my pink cargo pant, a t-shirt, and granny shoes with a low wedge heel and straps in gorgeous tones of silver, gold, bronze and copper… can you say SEKSIE!?

Eventually, after a momma-cuppa-tea-and-rusk and recreating the damn spreadsheet, i bundle my miserable self into my boiling hot car and drive 60-odd kilometres to The Dam.

There is a customer in the shop who is annoying as all hell… a short loud, young Portuguese lady with a black female assistant who is growing a beard (seriaas!)… they are trying to buy stock to resell – but only have R1500!! and want EVERYTHING in the shop!! can u handle it!! Oh, and she was high – like on some serious shiz! falling all over the place, pulling faces that only Porra’s can pull – sheesh! I was there for about 40 minutes before they eventually left and i could do the stock and crap…

Oh, and everyone looked at me funny in my pink cargo pant and gold granny wedges.

Drive all the way from The Dam to centurion with my Current-Feel-Good song on repeat on my iPod in the car… same song for 60-odd km helped only marginally.

Got back, dropped off the crap and came back to my house… the maid says “I couldn’t find even one”[meaning the missing stolen items].

Sigh – i am so annoyed. And i am not even PMS-ing!

You know, long ago, when the world was invented… and days were invented? There have been good days and bad day, hot days and cold days…? Well, THIS day, was THE WORST day in the history of forever, since days were invented.

I have this to say: Burn in hell you motherf*ing bitch day with a pineapple shoved up your ass you bastard! [if i knew more swear words, i would use them *note to self: learn more swear words]

Then I think – my day was kak, right, but, like, no-one died, everyone i love is still safe and healthy. We are not in any financial trouble, or any trouble… generally I am quite lucky – but still – today was the worst day of all time yo’ all time – and the granny wedges made it WORSE!


END RANT – thanks for visiting :D

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I need your help!

I have begged and pleaded sufficiently for Peter to agree to do a photoshoot with Jeanette … like an engagement thingy… We’ve been together so long, but we dont really have ANY photos of us together… disgusting really :(

I figured now is as good a time as ever – we will never be younger, probably never be thinner etc etc…

The help I need is what to wear/take/do… Jeanette did a great engagement shoot for Angel recently… but we don’t dance, or bake cupcakes…! I am worried we end up looking like “ritards”!! (not that I have EVER seen anyone Jeanette photographs looking silly!

Without disclosing too much top secret info ;) the shoot will be outside – with a fair amount of bundu-bashing I think! So… I will probably wear jeans and a sleeveless black top… And then, I have a long white cotton summer dress which I am hoping to wear… but we’ll see :)

I am clueless about ideas of extra things to take/do… *sigh*

I’m sure Jeanette will be great at getting us to look good :) … I do hope she can get a good shot or two of the #sparkly! :)

If you have any brilliant ideas or tips for me, PLEASE SHARE!!

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So, here’s a post I bet you never thought you’d find on my blog!

For those who don’t know… I am not the world’s biggest fan of kids… they are generally needy, noisy, messy and always want attention. They are exhausting and draining.

Bear this in mind as I tell you my story :)

This weekend, Peter and I took some of our new “Beagle Friends” to the Vaal River. The one couple is also childless and not a fan of kids – like us… the other couple have two little girls: 4 year old and a 7 month old. I will say it: I was nervous to spend the whole weekend with two small kids!!

Was I suprised! They were both an ABSOLUTE pleasure!

The 4 year old, Little Girl is too cute, everything is pink, and Hello Kitty is the flavour of the month. She has big blue eyes, long blond curls and a cute little smile. She is polite, and well mannered… She didn’t irritate any of us “Anti-Kid-People” once! In fact, she won us over! She had a ball too!

I love the things little kids say though… All she wanted to do was swim – all the time! We’d eat, and straight after she would say to her dad: “Dad, is your tummy settled yet? Can you swim with me?” … so cute man!

Both Mom and Dad are natural parents! They are fabulous to watch with their kids… I was especially touched at how much the Little Girl loves her Dad so very much! Dad’s with little daughters have always fascinated me, and I admire it so much… And this dad is just so cute with his girls.

The Little Girl remembered all her “please” and “thank you”‘s with hardly any reminding from mom. She ate her food and drank her juice with no mess, no fuss… put on sunscreen without any hassle, wore her Hello Kitty hat very happily – I have seen kids of her age throw HUGE tantrums for all of these reasons. She helped her mom with the baby and helped anyone else who asked her to please pick up this, or fetch that etc.

Her parents are amazing! They were able to relax with everyone else, and be adults as well as parents… all too often, I have seen parents who are ONLY parents… they aren’t PEOPLE anymore – does that make sense? This Mom and Dad are able to balance everything so amazingly. Watching them with their two little girls was so inspiring. They are all so relaxed and nothing looks like a huge effort… there weren’t hundreds of baby bags and toys and all the paraphernalia that usually comes with kids… Makes me think that kids aren’t all bad :p

And then, the 7 month old was absolutely perfect too!! I only heard her cry once – for about 3 minutes. She was all smiles and happy to play with a foam toy and a colourful necklace.

Parenting is not an easy job… and there are so many kids out there today who are horrible, naughty little brats who you do not want to be around… and it IS the parents’ fault. It was so refreshing to see a young family who are about as close to perfect as you will find… and it is ALL thanks to the parents!

So, to the four of them, THANK YOU for being such a fabulous family, and for doing your job as parents better than anyone else I have seen! You guys are an inspiration to me, and it was a privilege  to be able to take a peek into your family for two days.

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