so, umm… WTF is this??

at first glance it looks JUST like a “My Little Pony”… BUT it has:

  • ears like a jack russel
  • a docked tail like a dog
  • paw pads like a lion under its feet
  • a beauty spot like Cindy Nell
  • Long luscious golden mane like a pony
  • nose like a cartoon speech bubble

i would not give this to my kids to play with… i mean, i don’t even know what kind of mutant animal this is!!

upon later discussion with the father of the child who this “creature” belongs to… it is a dog… a golden retriever apparently… it comes with a bowl and a kennel and a brush to comb the golden mane… hmmm, seems like those dudes in china who make these toys have never seen anything that resembles a Golden retriever!!

can you see the resemblance?? I sure can’t


So, I’ve wanted a tattoo for the longest time… since i was like 13 or summin ridiculous.

I’ve been toying with the idea more and more lately and am pretty much certain that 2010 is the year to do it!! *gulp* I’ve never done it before because I am scared of the pain and the needles and the big scary hairy guys who do them ;)


I have decided… I want one on my wrist… something pretty, and elegant and delicate. I looked around online yesterday and found some more concrete ideas of the designs that have been floating around in my head for the last 15 years!!

I drew a couple of sketches and basically narrowed it down to something like this:

and i kinda drew it onto my wrist to see how it looks…

so, ja – a dragonfly. The head is like the taurus symbol tho… It’s cool, right? It doesn’t look like a tramp stamp, right?

now… my questions to those of you who have tattoo/s… how much is it gonna hurt? On my wrist? I mean, the skin is pretty delicate and soft. Is it gonna bleed like a bitch -  i can see my veins…!!

Philly_girl is getting a tattoo done for her birthday (which is a day before mine) and has said I can come with her and we can do it together… I’d like that… coz Peter said he’s not gonna come with me. and hell, I need moral support!!

what do you think?


This is the first time i’m doing a Female2Female challenge :)

This weeks challenge is called “I am…”

I am starting to feel the effects of the 2 glasses of wine I just gulped down.

I love that my beagles are so cute and good.

I taste like chicken.

I believe in love.

I hope that I can sign off these 2 websites I have been working on for aaaaaaaaaaages really soon.

I wish people weren’t so full of crap (me included).

I laugh at silly things sometimes.

I feel woozy.

I dream really odd things lately…

I smell nice.

I fear sharks.

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so, The Car has a name!!

I know i said i wanted a sexy french name… options came up: Cheri, Celeste, Eloise, Mignon, Celine and more….

nothing grabbed me :(

and then… my crazy sister said I should call it Pepe le Pew… as in Pepe le Peugeot. And she said the Real Souf Effriken version can be Poppie le Peugeot. and that had me rolling on the floor giggling!!

So, I have decided to call the little car Pepe le Peugeot.

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