So… here she is!!!

She needs a name… Something French and sexy sounding…!

After nearly 10 years of driving old “skadonks” I finally have something cute and pretty and shiny and luxurious! and the best part…?? i paid for it ALL BY MYSELF!!!! *proud*.

My first car was a (faded) red Opel Cub… it was so faded, we used to call it orange (we = me, Snowgoose & @luckypony)… I got it in 2002 and had it until 2005

Then I got the 1990 corolla in 2005, and had it for 5 years.

So, without further ado… I proudly introduce to you: ……… <- (insert sexy french name here)

Cute french bum!

the seats are all faan-cee! bucket type seats… even my mom said they were super comfy – before we even said they were faan-cee!!

** more pics on my facebook Profile**

Aircon, front electric windows, airbags, power steering, ABS brakes, a back windscreen wiper! Slightly tinted windows, radio control on the flicker-stick, central locking! and who knows what other cool things!!

ha – the lady who I bought it from, is an old church counselling lady… she’s nearly 70 and she washed the car herself… and she has a cat called Charlene… which is a REALLY weird name for a cat!!

maybe i should call the car Charlene! haha!!

Anyway,… to EVERYONE who gave me advice about cars (my old one and this new one) THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I got great advice from Twitter, facebook and my Blog… i’m very grateful for it all, as my knowledge of cars is rather slim… so to you and you and YOU thank you!!

Oh, I sold my old corolla yesterday… as it was… the guy offered me R18 000 and I grabbed it with BOTH hands!