So, I’ve wanted a tattoo for the longest time… since i was like 13 or summin ridiculous.

I’ve been toying with the idea more and more lately and am pretty much certain that 2010 is the year to do it!! *gulp* I’ve never done it before because I am scared of the pain and the needles and the big scary hairy guys who do them ;)


I have decided… I want one on my wrist… something pretty, and elegant and delicate. I looked around online yesterday and found some more concrete ideas of the designs that have been floating around in my head for the last 15 years!!

I drew a couple of sketches and basically narrowed it down to something like this:

and i kinda drew it onto my wrist to see how it looks…

so, ja – a dragonfly. The head is like the taurus symbol tho… It’s cool, right? It doesn’t look like a tramp stamp, right?

now… my questions to those of you who have tattoo/s… how much is it gonna hurt? On my wrist? I mean, the skin is pretty delicate and soft. Is it gonna bleed like a bitch -  i can see my veins…!!

Philly_girl is getting a tattoo done for her birthday (which is a day before mine) and has said I can come with her and we can do it together… I’d like that… coz Peter said he’s not gonna come with me. and hell, I need moral support!!

what do you think?