So, I’ve wanted a tattoo for the longest time… since i was like 13 or summin ridiculous.

I’ve been toying with the idea more and more lately and am pretty much certain that 2010 is the year to do it!! *gulp* I’ve never done it before because I am scared of the pain and the needles and the big scary hairy guys who do them ;)


I have decided… I want one on my wrist… something pretty, and elegant and delicate. I looked around online yesterday and found some more concrete ideas of the designs that have been floating around in my head for the last 15 years!!

I drew a couple of sketches and basically narrowed it down to something like this:

and i kinda drew it onto my wrist to see how it looks…

so, ja – a dragonfly. The head is like the taurus symbol tho… It’s cool, right? It doesn’t look like a tramp stamp, right?

now… my questions to those of you who have tattoo/s… how much is it gonna hurt? On my wrist? I mean, the skin is pretty delicate and soft. Is it gonna bleed like a bitch -  i can see my veins…!!

Philly_girl is getting a tattoo done for her birthday (which is a day before mine) and has said I can come with her and we can do it together… I’d like that… coz Peter said he’s not gonna come with me. and hell, I need moral support!!

what do you think?


12 Responses to “Tattoo Thoughts”

  1. phillygirl says: |

    Oh wow, I didn’t realise I was only the day before you … this seems like kismet ;)

  2. Tanya says: |

    yip, but im only turning 28 :p

  3. Angel says: |

    I won’t lie, it hurts. But its bearable…

  4. Baldy says: |

    That won’t hurt that much, and you’ll see very little blood. It does hurt slightly more when they go over bone, but the pain is still bearable. The sketch you have is mostly just outline, and that’s fast. The slow, more painful parts happen when they have to start coloring in the outline.

  5. Tanya says: |


    thanks baldy… am feeling my wrist now… theres no hard bone… feels like cartilage or something softer… is that better or worse than bone?

    and yes… its just outline… well for now anyway… if i become addicted, i can always have the wings etc coloured in later on (forward planning!!)

  6. Meryl says: |

    It’s sore. But it’s not THAT sore. A horse standing on your foot hurts worse :)

  7. blackhuff says: |

    I like what you have in mind. It’s going to look good

  8. Tanya says: |

    lol @ meryl… a horse standing on your foot is pretty sore :)

    i guess the pain will be long forgotten after it all heals up. like people say the pain of childbirth is worth it… yes, i am comparing getting a tattoo to childbirth… THATS how scared i am. then again… childbirth comes with drugs and stuff

  9. Ros says: |

    I have a tatoo round my ankle and one on the back of my pelvis, the one on my ankle definately hurt more, the biggest problem is the loosness of skin as the needle DRAGS!! I love the swirly tail by the way, very pretty!

  10. Louisa says: |

    Very pretty…I could be biased because I love dragonflies though. ;-)

  11. Tanya says: |

    Appreciate all the comments guys :D will keep u updated!

  12. Alet says: |

    I have only ever been with a person to have a tattoo done, I really want one too – like you however I’m pretty scared!

    I really like the design!!!

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