so, umm… WTF is this??

at first glance it looks JUST like a “My Little Pony”… BUT it has:

  • ears like a jack russel
  • a docked tail like a dog
  • paw pads like a lion under its feet
  • a beauty spot like Cindy Nell
  • Long luscious golden mane like a pony
  • nose like a cartoon speech bubble

i would not give this to my kids to play with… i mean, i don’t even know what kind of mutant animal this is!!

upon later discussion with the father of the child who this “creature” belongs to… it is a dog… a golden retriever apparently… it comes with a bowl and a kennel and a brush to comb the golden mane… hmmm, seems like those dudes in china who make these toys have never seen anything that resembles a Golden retriever!!

can you see the resemblance?? I sure can’t