So, I’m sitting at the hardresser and I’m very bored! Thought I’d try blogging on my phone :)

This last sunday morning, we had a bit of a #weddingPlanningTweetup in midrand :)

it was only 5 of us: Angel, Sharon, MeeA, Jessica and I… Some of the ladies are a lot more organised and prepared than others! Hehe… Got some handy tips and leads for contacts…

There was also a ‘ring examination’ :) we compared our #sparklies… I have the fattest finger … As always! Sharons ring is *beautiful*!!

Also got to meet Joshua, sharons kidlet… He was so good and so cute! And got the biggest piece of lemon meringue pie ever… Was very cute :)

What a nice bunch of girls :) we made tentative plans to do a meander thingy later in the year… So look at venues and sample food and champagne :) … Was such a fun morning – and really nice to meet sharon and jessica… And see angel and meeA (with a sleeping #babyparkins) again.

Thanks girls! :)