A while ago we went to watch How To Train Your Dragon… it was super cute – i really enjoyed it :)

anyway… after the movie we make our way back to the car (We took my new car, it was its first night-time-outing)… and as we walk towards it… i notice that it looks JUST like the Night Fury dragon in the movie!!


same slanted eyes… same short round nose… to the T!

If my car was black, I would totally rename it from Pepe Le Peugeot to The Night Fury fo’ shizzle!

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3 Responses to “My Silver Night Fury”

  1. Fairy Girl says: |

    We drive the same car, same colour too !!!

  2. Tanya says: |

    lol – so does @Sheebeegee! we should have a silver peugeot tweetup! hehe

  3. blackhuff says: |

    You have a point :)

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