So… a quick little catch up post of pictures taken over the last week… my birthday week :) … my birthday always seems to stretch over a few days… maybe coz it’s on a Public Holiday… I dunno.

Last Friday i went to collect a Mohair scarf from @angelo2711 Thanks dude!

Saturday was #TattooDay :) woot!! Met up with @Philly_girl at Jaded Ink and we got our ink on!!

Completed Tattoo

It wasnt as sore as i expected… and nowhere near as gross. :) yay!! it’s so pretty… i love it!


we went beagle hunting… reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaallllllllly early – it was cold and dark

beagles had a jol!!


Meh – monday. nothing happened.

Apart from a horse riding lesson :) u can read about it here

We watched 500 Days of Summer... which i was really enjoying… unitl it ended :(


woke up on my birthday to french toast in bed :)

and a pile of presents :)

oh… i got Jonas Brothers wrapping paper… apparently the beagles chose it! lol

here are my presents:

Funny fluffy slippers

A brazil scarf!!

Silky PJ pants… with spots on :)

Warm PJ’s with sheep on

They were too big, so i exchanged them for these:

a digital photo frame

After present time, i baked some cupcakes,

and went off to Sorbet for a facial and a massage (note: Sorbet gives THE BEST FACIALS EVER!!)

My mom and dad came around for birthday tea and cake and brought me…

a turquoise-y blue necklace

and a looooong pink beaded necklace

went to bead really early :)

thanks to EVERYONE who sent me birthdays messages via phone, sms,twitter, facebook, email etc etc :) much appreciated :D

And that, my friends… was my birthday time :)