So… like weeks after the lovely MeeA awarded me a Beautiful Blogger Award, I am getting to my post :)

First up, THANK YOU MeeA! How kind :) you made my day :) thanks chick!

The deal is, I am supposed to list 7 random lesser-known facts about myself, and then list 7 bloggers who I award this to :)

So, part one… 7 random fact… sheesh, I have so many random things already listed on my blog…!!

ok, lets try:

1 – I have had 3 operations (if you include tonsils and wisdom teeth)

2 – I bank with the Red Bank

3 – My favourite band, over the last year or few, is The Rocket Summer

4 – My favourite song of all tim (all time yo’) is Alice Cooper’s Poison

5 – My first pet was a little Jack Russell called Scampie

6 – I used to push Scampie around the garden in a wheelbarrow and carry her around in a big parrot cage. Lol

7 -I have 5 nephews (and no nieces)

Part Two:

Nominate 7 bloggers who deserve this award…

Well, this award has been floating around for so long, it feels like most people already have it! So… if you read my blog and you HAVEN’T received it… leave a comment and consider yourself nominated!!


Happy weekend everyone!

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