What a fun weekend!!

Saturday morning I went riding as usual… I rode little Boots and had a jol! I usually head home quite soon after my lesson, but I decided to hang around for a bit (a bit turned out to be the rest of the day!! – lol). A new dude started lessons on Saturday afternoon, and it turns out I know him! From at least 10 years ago – it was SO strange!! but very cool to see him again.

Anyway, went home exhausted after spending about 7 hours at the stables! ;)

Saturday morning was a spot of shopping and post collecting etc… had an afternoon nap and then went on my merry way to the #Midrandtweetup.

It was the 2nd Midrand Tweetup so far, and our numbers have grown! It was the regulars of: me, Heidi, Angel, Glugster and MeeA… and some newbies :) Battica & Nightwulfe and Megan.

Our hosts were Angel and Glugster, and we had the most delicious chicken pasta potjie made by Glugster… yum, it was DIVINE!!! Angel also brought out yummy chockie cupcakes with purple icing :) MeeA’s little one, Jack, thought the cupcakes were a fab idea and was toddling around muttering “cupcake. Cupcake. Cupcake”… too cute!!

There was much food, wine, champers, laughs and general good times!!

Battica and Nightwulfe left early :( and the rest of us got stuck into a game of 30seconds.

Lemme set the scene… Angel and Glugster are quite the notorious team – and don’t really lose. Heidi and I also don’t EVER lose a game of 30seconds… we rock! Megan and MeeA have never met before and MeeA has never played 30 seconds! let the games begin!!

What a ton of fun, and barrel of laughs that game is! there were times in the game that it was quite close, before Heidi and I pulled ahead and raced to the finish line, leaving everyone else in our dust…! Oh, a rule that Heidi and I always play by, is, when the team is on the last square, and could possibly win, with the next question, you have to do the game in Afrikaans! Makes it even more fun! … so, our winning streak continues! We retain the crown! Fanks Snoo :)

The party slowly got smaller and smaller, ending up with just me… and before we knew it, it was 10pm!!! sheesh…!

One of the huge highlights for me of the Midrand Tweetups is that we all have such a quick drive home! I was home in less than a minute… i LOVE IT! ;)

A few highlights of the day yesterday:

Battica was feeding Jack a cupcake… she holds it out to him, looks at us and says “Will he bite me?!” ROFL!! he is not very much like a rottweiler!

Heidi and I playing 30 seconds, we have one more answer to get, and about half the timer to get it in. I have no clue who/what this chinesey sounding thing on my card is. I say “Throw me with all the chinese names you know” … heidi says “Mao Tung Tsu” – or whatever the hell she said and it was RIGHT!!! damn, we good!

Megan trying to explain Daffy Duck in 30 seconds: “It’s a cartoon bird” . MeeA: “RoadRunner”. Megan: “No, its a swimming type of bird”… the rest of us were in stitches!!

And then, of course, all the “Jack’s” in 30 seconds!! MeeA’s kidlet came in very very handy! Don’t think we would’ve won it without pointing at him every 5 minutes and saying “Like that kid’s name”… we had Jackass (sorry MeeA!!!), Jack Nicolson, Jack Sparrow, Jack Daniels… and maybe even more, i was laughing too hard to remember it all!

What a fantastic time! Thanks so much to Angel and Glugster for hosting us, and to MeeA for the extremely decadent chocolate dessert! Was awesome to see everyone and to meet Battica, Nightwulfe and Megan… hope to see you all at the next #MidrandTweetup!!

oh, and it must be said that little Jack and his baby brother #Babyparkins were both such a pleasure to have around, and so very very good!! MeeA is one of the most wonderful mommies out there!!

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6 Responses to “#Midrandtweetup 16 May 2010”

  1. Bonita says: |

    teeheehee!! yes.. I’m not quite children-trained.. Jack is adorable tho’!!

    ’twas indeed an awesome get-together. Big thanks to Angel and Glugster for the delicious potjie!

    Sorry we couldn’t join you for 30 seconds this time, but there wiLL be a next time, right?

    ..and Tanya, I’d still love to meet your beagles! :P

  2. Tanya says: |

    lol – it was hilarious… “does he bite” ;)
    Oh yes… #MidrandTweetup is definitely gonna be a regular thing! This was only our second one… but such fun :)

    you will love the beagles… they don’t bite either!
    maybe the next one should be at my house…

  3. blackhuff says: |

    The Midrand Tweetup – glad you all had a fabulous time.

  4. Bonita says: |

    lol!! I have no fear when it comes to dogs.. small humans, however.. ;)

    Looking forward to it! Keep us updated.. :)

  5. MeeA says: |

    It was loads of fun – can’t wait for the next one!! Hopefully #hubbyparkins can join us for the next one…

    And btw, I thought I did pretty well at 30 seconds for a newbie! :P

  6. Sharon says: |

    Oh wow it sounds like such fun. I’m jealous, but glad you all had a wonderful time. :)

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