… this time, last year that I would:

  1. be working (mostly) full time for myself
  2. have bought a house
  3. have bought a new car
  4. be engaged with the biggest sparkliest most beautiful ring of all time
  5. finally have a tattoo

I would have laughed. Out loud. In your face.

Funny how things change.

Wonder where I will be this time text year.

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6 Responses to “If you had told me…”

  1. Jeanette says: |

    Love all the change :) it’s so cool!! And all of it is so positive!

  2. blackhuff says: |

    Funny and scary to think how much things can change in a year’s time. Happy that so many good things have come your way.

  3. Tanya says: |

    i quite like all the changes too ;)
    and a year ago – none of those changes were planned or seemed like a reality to me :)
    excited for the next year!!

  4. Sally-Jane says: |

    I know the feeling so many things have happened to me too that I was sure i would never ever get, hope your year ahead is even better than this one was.

  5. Tanya says: |

    and the same to you Sally-Jane!! yay for good changes

  6. Shayne says: |

    No i’m not stalking you;) just came back to see if you’d answered my questions! Love the chandelier, in the process of sourcing a wrought iron one for my kitchen. Re the hello kitty stuff – edgards has a much bigger range – bubbles, hair clips, bags, belts you name it. Happy shopping.

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