no, I NEED to be here:

staying for weeks on end in one of these:

or these

spending my days under one of these

and napping over here

I want, no i NEED to be sipping on these:

and a bunch of these, overlooking this:

Is it too much to ask??

I dont have much of a valid reason to, but i am feeling so down lately :(

Work is a little uninspiring at the moment. It’s been a rather tough month financially. I am scraping my last pennies together for essentials like petrol. I had to dip into my savings to pay the maid yesterday. Feels like every single person in the country has been to at least one World Cup Match – even the people who don’t even like soccer… This cold miserable weather in JHB is also not helping my mood much :(



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  1. Bananaramagirl says: |

    Shame man lady. This time of year is quite blergh. Kind of like an extra long Wednesday in my opinion. The excitement of the start of the week has worn off, but the end is just not in reach. If I miraculously win a trip to Zanzibar now, I would take you ;)

    Hope you cheer up soon

  2. Tony says: |

    Well, doll, the fact that you have these images up goes a long way to get you there.
    Suggestion: Print them out, stick them on the wall right in front of you. Now you visualise yourself there. (No not the ‘Secret’ type thing) – Two things will happen: You’ll feel better, cos your brain believes it is there and secondly you will start to move towards being there.
    Works like a charm – I see you on a lovely island holiday within the year ;-)

  3. Tanya says: |

    Thanks guys :)

    @Bananaramagirl – i will hold u to that hey ;)

    @tony thanks dude… can i stick the pics to the wall *next* to me? infront is a window ;)

  4. MeeA says: |

    Hey you!
    In my little fantasy dreamworld, we’re going to have our honeymoon in Koh Samui, Thailand and sip on Cosmos and such all day long for a week or two…

    Work is just starting to get interesting on my end, and I generally find that the inspiration rubs off if you spend time with another creative type person when you’re not feeling it…? You’re welcome to swing by or I could drop in sometime soon & we can spend an hour talking ideas & such. It would help at least one of us! And i need to ask you something about a logo you did for someone a while back anyway…

    Also, dipping into your savings? Look on the bright side: You havesaving to dip into! :)


  5. Tanya says: |

    oooh, yay for work getting interesting! good for you! :D
    yes… i must come for tea again soon… we have been threatening with this Zoo Biscuit thing far too long now! hehe

    ag, i’ll feel better sooner or later im sure!

    after all, its only 98 more sleeps til i go visit my sister in usa!

  6. blackhuff says: |

    I also feel that a warm place nowadays is the one thing I really really need and just to sit there and soak up all the warm sun I can. I NEEEEED it :(

  7. Shayne says: |

    I think it’s just mid year muddles. And perhaps because work has been quiet your’e feeling eve more miz?

    Or maybe it’s just becoz you (and me) are the only two people in SA who haven’t been to a live match?

    But whatever – those pics should make you feel happy(er).

    Or maybe a bar of Lindt Orange Choc would do it?

    Or a big mug of milo?

    or a visit to your sister in 98 sleeps?

    chin up skat!

  8. cat@juggling act says: |

    Sorry to hear you had a tough time – you know, winter tend to get me down too. Just think – we are over the middle already.

  9. Sharon says: |

    I hope your weekend away with us in Badplaas will help to chase away these “blues”. I’m really looking forward to having you here. I’m going to stock up on Old Brown and Zoo Biscuits ;)

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