Woke up this morning practically giggling at the dream I just had!!

I dreamt I got married.

It was at a place where all the brides stood in a queue, and basically the church place just pumped out the weddings, like 10 in an hour kind of thing… so, kind of like a court wedding, except, it there were wedding dresses, and flowers, etc etc. They probably market it as a “Speed-Wedding” …

so anyway, i’m standing in the queue, in my dress, waiting my turn… and im bored, so i say to this really trashy skanky chick infront of me “you wanna swap dresses to see how we look?” and she agrees. so we swap dresses, and i am instantly transformed into a skank-deluxe!! my elegantly done hair changes to Amy Winehouse hair to match this slutty dress – my boobs are all exposed … lol!!

While we were messing around in the wrong dresses, this other chick’s name is called, and she waltzes forward to get married!! in my dress!!! (by this time, she is all gracious and elegant and I am totally in her character and am falling around, all drunk!)

So, she gets married in my dress, and then my name is called, i fall down the aisle in my skanky dress, boobs hanging out… hair dirty and messy. The dress was long, but had a really really looooooooong lace train, which i kept tripping on, so i flung it over my shoulder!


it was too funny for words!

My parents were appalled at my dress and my behaviour!

I had a fabulous time falling all over!

So… i guess this is my first “wedding Nightmare”… I must say, I enjoyed it, i wasn’t pissed off or anything in my dream! … hope they stay this entertaining!!

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saw this as my nephew’s facebook status today, and I really liked it…

“Don’t go for looks- they can deceive.

Don’t go for wealth – even that fades away.

Go for someone who makes you smile because it takes only a smile to make a dark day seem bright.”

so… here’s to many happy years of smiles ahead of us! <3

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This happens every week. like clock work.

Tuesday late mornings. Phone rings


“hello. are you at home?”

“ummmm, yes”

“is the kettle on?”

“ummm, no”

“i’ll be there in about 20 minutes”


“see you now”

“ok, bye”

15 to 20 minutes later. Missed call. Open the gate. Let him in.


“hello… how’s tings”

“fine – how you guys doing”

“good. what’s news?

“mmm, nothing much”

“that’s not very much!!”

“mmm. what’s news with you?



“You busy?”

“um, ja, not to bad… got a bunch of stuff i’m busy with”

“good. how’s peter?”

“he’s cool… at a customer”

“ooooh!! is he busy?”

“a little… it’s getting better.”

“that’s good. it will get better. it doesn;t happen overnight. the first couple of years are tough. but he will make it work”


“how was hunting?”

“it was cool – the beagles had fun”

“how did oscar do?”

“not too bad, he had a couple of  2nd and 3rd places”

“and harry?”

“meh – he’s always one place behind oscar”

“*laugh* – oscar is such a character. just like frankie”

“at least they had fun, and slept all day on sunday, and most of monday too”

“is your neighbour here?”

“uuuuh, no. still not”

“STILL!?? how long has it been now?”

“sheesh, a while… like 2 months or so”

“ja, she must sell that house. maybe mom and i will buy it”

“uhhh, no”

” *laughs* … aaah, jaaa…. can you check the balance?”


….. it’s Rxyz”

“anybody pay?”

“ummm… yes, abc paid Rxyz on Thursday”

“anybody else?”


“ok. tanks”

“no problem”

“aaah well, let me carry on”

“ok. keep warm”


“see you thursday”


The same conversation. every.single.tuesday.

My life feels like a bad comedy at the moment. or maybe a horror movie. can’t quite decide.

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What does your bedside table look like? What do you keep at arm’s length and why…?

here’s a pic of my bedside table…:

I want to paint the tables a super high gloss white and change the handles to something funky… it’s all part of my bedroom makeover (which started with painting the wall blue)

Anyway… what’s on my table?

  • A lamp (you tap it to switch it on – it has 3 brightness levels – I love these lamps :)
  • A variety of books (i’m not reading them, so I don’t know why I don’t pack them away!). There’s one or two Harry Potter companion books, my favourite book ever – The Autumn Castle by Kim Wilkins,  a Rick Riordan book, and a Marian Keyes book which i AM reading (slowly).
  • There’s also normally a magazine or two on my table as well.
  • Medicine stuff – some headache pills, iron tablets which i am meant to take every morning with my tea, some tranquilizing aromatherapy drops to help me sleep/
  • A manicure set
  • A torch
  • My iPod docking station/radio thingy


  • A photo frame with a photo of Chips, my sausage dog, who lives with my folks.

What’s on your bedside table??

I tag: Blackhuff, Laura, ShayneBoobahsmom and Jessica

Looking forward to seeing your posts :)


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