What does your bedside table look like? What do you keep at arm’s length and why…?

here’s a pic of my bedside table…:

I want to paint the tables a super high gloss white and change the handles to something funky… it’s all part of my bedroom makeover (which started with painting the wall blue)

Anyway… what’s on my table?

  • A lamp (you tap it to switch it on – it has 3 brightness levels – I love these lamps :)
  • A variety of books (i’m not reading them, so I don’t know why I don’t pack them away!). There’s one or two Harry Potter companion books, my favourite book ever – The Autumn Castle by Kim Wilkins,  a Rick Riordan book, and a Marian Keyes book which i AM reading (slowly).
  • There’s also normally a magazine or two on my table as well.
  • Medicine stuff – some headache pills, iron tablets which i am meant to take every morning with my tea, some tranquilizing aromatherapy drops to help me sleep/
  • A manicure set
  • A torch
  • My iPod docking station/radio thingy


  • A photo frame with a photo of Chips, my sausage dog, who lives with my folks.

What’s on your bedside table??

I tag: Blackhuff, Laura, ShayneBoobahsmom and Jessica

Looking forward to seeing your posts :)


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9 Responses to “Bedside Manners”

  1. Boobahsmom says: |

    Oh my sack – SO SO happy you asked what’s ON my table, instead of what’s IN my table… Don’t think I could share the contents of the drawers with the world (my mum reads my blog also ;) )

  2. blackhuff says: |

    Thank you for the tag. Will do a post tomorrow or Monday. Just to remember to take the pic for the post ;)
    I also love those tapping type of lamps. I want one so bad but can’t find one.

  3. Laura says: |

    Ah very cool. Despite only having my bedside table for a week it is becoming increasingly full :)

    Will try get a pic over the weekend for you.

  4. Twistygirl says: |

    This is such a great idea, I will do it as well.

  5. Tanya says: |

    hooray – looking forward to seeing all the posts :D

  6. Shayne says: |

    Great tag – will do it next week whilst i’m loafing in our B&B in jeffries.

    great mind obviously think alike wrt shoe pics – love yours!

    Thanks for the tag and have a great weekend.

    Oh, love the pic of you with your camera. very cool

  7. JessicaGiggles says: |

    A link to my “Bedside Manners” post – http://wp.me/pLlIq-dd

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