So, how many of you remember your New Years Resolutions…?

I don’t normally make them, coz I always forget them the next morning ;) But at the start of 2010, I made a list of resolutions on this blog… i figured if they were on here i would be able to look back.

So, we are like 8 months into the year, and i want to look back to see how i’m doing… here is my list:

  • I want to try a new recipe once a month. – NOPE – FAIL! I think i’ve done like 2 new recipes this whole year :(
  • I must sit up straight and keep my shoulders back. – I’VE BEEN AWARE OF THIS AND HAVE TRIED. STILL NOT A HABIT THO
  • I want to have my hair cut more often. - NOPE :( I HATE THE HAIRDRESSER. AND ITS SO EXPENSIVE
  • Who doesn’t wanna lose a bit of weight!? - HAVE PICKED UP :( BUT AM STARTING SOMETHING TO RECTIFY IT! MORE LATER
  • I must work hard at promoting my business and getting it off the ground PROPERLY. – I AM WORKING FOR MYSELF PRETTY MUCH FULL TIME :) NOT DOING TOO BAD. MUST GET BETTER THO!
  • I’d love to get a new Website Design job at least every 2 months – JA, THIS ONE HAS BEEN GOOD! :)
  • i need to be more patient and not lose my temper for small things. – HMMM, I THINK IVE BEEN BETTER AT THIS… WILL HAVE TO ASK MY STUKKIE THO!
  • I would really like to go on an Adobe Illustrator course this year – NOT YET :( BIT SHORT OF CASH DUE TO UNEXPECTADLY HAVING TO BUY A NEW CAR AND DUE TO THE NEXT POINT…
  • planning on going on a big holiday this year – YES YES YES!!!!! WE LEAVE FOR MIAMI ON 5 OCTOBER!!!!!! WOOOOO FREAKING HOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! (see the countdown on the left of my site!)
  • I would like to do a mini detox once a month (or maybe every second month) – PFFFT – THIS HASNT HAPPENED!! LOL

so…….. all in all… i suck at sticking to resolutions! lol!

A bit of a waste of a blog post – it just highlighted how useless i am!! oh well… at least i am happy! :D

5 Responses to “Resolution Review…”

  1. Gina says: |

    you are not so bad and you have encouraged me to go and re look at my list this evening :)

  2. Jeanette says: |

    Yay re the design jobs!!

  3. Laura says: |

    Ah well you have 4 months to do the ones you havent managed :)

  4. JessicaGiggles says: |

    There are still a few months left in this year to make a try on the ones you’ve ‘failed’ at. If it makes you feel any better, I have never made a new years resolution because I know I won’t stick to it…talk about failing before I’ve even begun!

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