Ugh, these last 2 weeks have been CRAZY work wise! Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled my business is doing so well :)

ok… I have a client. Let’s call them Client .

So, every once in a while, Client needs some product photos cleaned up. Client sends me the photos and I remove the background, adjust the levels, add a little shadow and make pretty so they can use it on their website/catalogue etc.

About 2 weeks ago, Client calls me and says they need some pics cleaned up, what will I charge them. I give a price per photo. They agree (phonecall).

The photos start coming thru and I start cleaning them. Then Client sends me a mail saying they wish they knew how to do this in Photoshop. I really like Client, and the company, and say that next time Client is in the area, they should pop by with a big box of Lindt chocolate balls and I will show them how. Client says great, thank you!

Anyway… carry on cleaning pics. Last night the last batch comes thru (there have been about 60/70 photos in total now) and Client says to me “Thank you SO MUCH for all your help with these, please let me know how much chocolate I owe you”

… I’m like WTF! I was gonna invoice them for actual real money for this work… but they were under the impression that I was doing it for chocolate! Coz i said i’d show them Photoshop for chocolate!! :(

I know that thie Client’s business is struggling slightly too… which makes me feel even worse :(

What do I do?? I REALLY like Client and don’t want to cause any bad feelings or anything… but hell, I really do need the money more than chocolate right now.

Please help me!!!

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21 Responses to “Some Advice Please…!”

  1. Tara says: |

    I’d still invoice them for the work done-you don’t want to set a precedent! Maybe you could then casually ask if they still want the photoshop lesson for chocolate?
    It’s a toughie.Misunderstandings happen so easily!

  2. totallycooked says: |

    shit – I would just send the invoice and in the email say that the chocolate payment requires someones physical presence at your office first.

    no one can expect you to do that much work for chocolate – 5 or 6 pics maybe but not that many …

  3. blackhuff says: |

    I say, Invoice them. All companies is at the moment going through a rough time and if you don’t invoice them this time, they are going to think that next time and the time after that ect. is going to be free.
    I know it’s difficult but we all are in difficult times at the moment.

  4. Gina says: |

    Hmmm, I would send an email back reminding them gently that you agreed on a price per photo on the phone and that you will be charging them that price (maybe offer a small discount too if you can afford it) then go on to say that next time they should come in and you will show them how to do it…

  5. Madelein says: |

    Ditto what everyone says here. Project creep- sucks

  6. Nadia says: |

    Okay my advice would be to say you’re sorry for the misunderstanding, but that you will be invoicing for the pictures.

    Explain how you will happily show Client how to do this for themself for no charge, but unfortunately for the work you have done you will need to invoice.

    It sucks, but you don’t want anyone taking advantage of you. If you know they’re struggling perhaps offer a discounted price?

    Hope this helps!!

  7. Tanya says: |

    thanks for the advice guys… I know that’s what I have to do, just not feeling like confrontation, altho, I’m sure it wont b that bad. Client is very nice and friendly and reasonable – which is the only reason i agreed to show them how to do the photos themselves, at not monetary cost to myself.

    gosh, i feel like such a chop!

  8. Michelle says: |

    I agree with Gina, good advice that :) Good luck snoo!

  9. MeeA says: |

    Hey there! It need not be a confrontational thing at all!
    The agreement you made with them was not that you would do these photos for chocolate! As I understand it, you gave her a price per photo for this work you did and now you get to invoice her. The understanding was that she could spoil you with a big box of Lindt for showing her Photoshop next time you see her. So you can invoice her without guilt and tell her not to worry about the chocolate until she comes round for that tutorial – then you can both enjoy it while you work, so the bigger the box, the better! ;-P

  10. Tanya says: |

    cool – thanks ladies!
    right, am sending off the invoice now.

    I like MeeA’s comment: that we can share the BIG box of choc while i teach her how to do her photos :) hehe

    feeling better now :)

    thx guys :)

  11. Caz says: |

    You invoice them as normal and don’t bring up the choc bit again.
    2 possibilities here:
    1. Client is taking a big chance assuming it’ll be too awkward for you to now ask for your due
    2. Client has innoently made a bluddy big assumption which has put u in a very awkward position.
    I suspect it’s 1. Come on – no one is that doff. But even if it’s 2 at worst you’ll simply be putting him in an equally awkward position.
    Bottom line: he’s not your buddy, he’s your client. End of story.

  12. Jeanette says: |

    I like how Gina put it :)
    Tough one, I’ve got an equally difficult conversation coming up with a photo client who is a friend. Not looking forward to that one.

  13. Tanya says: |

    i think it was a misunderstanding on the Client’s part… they are a bit scatterbrained!

    @Jeanette… good luck with that!! It’s tricky being friends or even just friendly with clients sometimes.

  14. Jim Sefton says: |

    I vote (this is a vote, right) for what MeeA says, invoice without guilt. The comment about the big box of chocs might soften it a bit too. I am a bit cynical though and do tend to think this was not a misunderstanding by “the client” but more them taking a chance.

    Whatever happens though, I would not apologise for anything, it implied some wrong doing on your part and there really wasn’t any.

  15. Gary Meyer says: |

    I suggest not doing anything other than sending the invoice… throw the awkward ball back in their court.

  16. JessicaGiggles says: |

    I agree with Gina and MeeA. You quoted a price per photo and perhaps you can offer some sort of discount considering there were a lot of photos to be fixed up (this is determined by the price you quoted per photo though and whether you can afford to provide a discount). Hope you come right! xoxo

  17. Shayne says: |

    Ok so i’m way behind on my blog reading. I would also say invoice anddon’t mention chocolates. But i’m sure you’ve done that.

    What was the outcome?

  18. Sharon says: |

    As you know I’ve been sick and am seriously behind in blog reading. So what was the outcome?

  19. Tanya says: |

    I sent off the invoice (with a slight discount, for a bigger job) … tried not to feel guilty ;)

    they normally take 30 days to pay, so i havent received payment yet, but they didn’t complain or anything… so i guess it’s all good


    sometimes i wish i had a boss/manager to deal with this kinda stuff

    Thanks for all the comments tho :)

  20. Sally-Jane says: |

    Hope it all works out okay. I hate situations like that but 60-70 photos is a lot, you are kind enough to say you will help show them how to do it themselves

  21. Tanya says: |

    Client just paid the money into my account – no mention of anything else :) yay

    I knew what i had to do all along – just hate anything that remotely resembles a confrontation or misunderstanding ;)

    thanks guys ;D

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