So, we’ve been in this house for almost a year! When we moved in, I decided i wanted to do something big and bright on the lounge wall and also on one of the bedroom walls (the ceilings are about 1m higher than normal height – so the walls are BIG!)… i blogged about the canvasses in the lounge over here.

so, it was just the bedroom left… I decided what i wanted and went to buy paint, ages ago… and started…
BEFORE: cream high walls.

i chose the 2 shades of blue, and painted a little swatch as soon as i arrived back from the paintshop (this was in mid-june!)

Eventually i had some free time and painted the wall… it was actually really fun – APART from climbing up and sitting on the ladder to paint the top third of the wall… i hate ladders! lol

(hehe – excuse the dodgy track pants!)

here is the wall all painted :) i loved it and couldnt stop looking at it!

Remember the post i did, asking your help to choose 3 canvasses from our shoot with Jeanette? Well, I eventually chose 3 – after MUCH deliberation and opinions… and i hung them up on my gorgeous blue wall:

BUT this was not the final product! I wanted a pattern on the wall, but was dreading drawing it on! spent ages putting it off, and sketching on paper and planning it all… and one day, just grabbed a pencil and went at it!

the drawing stayed on the wall for about 3 weeks before i eventually painted it!! (this only happened in the end of August!!).

This time, i used a table to stand on, rather than the ladder – and it was much less scary and way more comfy!

I even painted little “love birds” on the one branch…

Popped the canvasses back up -

Pushed the bed back into place…

(it took me SO long to do this whole thing, and i realised the linen is the same in the before and after photos… but i promise, i did change it inbetween June and August … i promise! lol!!)


Isn’t it just gorgeous? :) totally love it!

My bedroom is now officially my favourite room in the house!

oh, and the blue make a stunning background for photos, don’t you think?? ;)

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