I am so angry!! I think you have to have an IQ of below 4.5 to work at a signage company – if you disagree, please please please leave your recommendations in the comments section! This is just my opinion which has been formed after using 3 or 4 rather useless places!

I am currently busy with a job for a client who wanted a bunch of correx boards printed (like estate agent signboards)… and I am on the lookout for a new signage company, so I did some googling, and sent off a quote request to a couple of places about 2 weeks ago (still waiting for a few replies!!).

My first reply was from Core Digital… within an hour of me asking for the quote. So, already, I am excited and it looks promising. The price is REALLY good too. About 90 minutes later, i get an email from them saying, “oops sorry, the secretary gave me the wrong price, here is the updated quote”…  the new amount is literally 11 (ELEVEN) times the first quote!!! OMG!!!! anyway – it is still cheaper than any other prices i have. Oh, I asked for a price for A3 size (297 x 420mm … this is important for later!)

I put on my mark-up and send to my client for approval. My client approves.

I work on artwork (A3 size – 297 x 420mm)

Client approves artwork, i sent artwork to Core Digital.

They send me a proof. The proof says the size is 300 x 400mm – I query, they rectify. I sign off

They require 50% deposit (which is fine, its pretty standard business practice)… I ask for my invoice so i can do the deposit. I wait. and wait. over a day. I receive and invoice. it is made out to someone else and is for a banner. I reply saying not my invoice. I get no reply.

Next day i ask for my invoice. They say they sent it already and forward me the banner invoice… i reply “NOT MY INVOICE!!! I ORDERED CORREX BOARDS, NOT A BANNER, AND THIS IS NOT MY COMPANY’s DETAILS!!”

I get the correct invoice.

I pay immediately.

Three days later i get a call. The standard size for correx boards is 300 x 400mm (i ordered 297 x 420mm)… can they just print on 300 x 400mm? I am now furious!!! the QUOTE and the PROOF said 297 x 420mm. I say to the chick NO she cannot print on 300 x 400mm coz that is NOT the size of the artwork i gave them… she says am i worried about the 3mm? (iin the 297 vs 300mm size) i say not really, what concerns me is the 2cm difference in length… are they just going to chop off my artwork at the top? or are they going to squash it to fit onto 400mm??? She says, but it’s only 2cm!! OMFG!!!!!!!!! 2cm is actually quite a lot for artwork to be distorted…!!!

I throw my toys and insist on 297 x 420mm as per the quote, and proof which i have signed off and paid deposit for.

She says ok, they’ll do a special size.

i put the phone down and breathe…

on Wednesday i send her an email asking when the job will be delivered (i have paid the R150 delivery fee)… she says probably on thursday… i say great – i am out on thursday morning, so, no one is here, but will be back at around 2pm. she says she’ll “see what she can do” …

Thursday at about 11am i get a call from a dude saying he is at my house with my delivery from core digital.!! OMFG!!! i can’t shout at him, he’s just the driver!! i tell him that this stupid rita woman KNEW i would only be there in the afternoon!!! he says ok, he is going to have to take the job back to pretoria.

This morning (Friday) i get an email asking where the 50% balance of their payment is!!! OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I very shortly reply that i haven’t received the damn job yet!!

holy crap! I am so angry!!! all i can say is that this bloody thing better be printed correctly!!

once i have it, and it’s all paid, i intend on sending the owner a mail about the disgusting service.

Oh, also, their website has so many spelling errors on it… my favourite being:

The correct spelling for this product is bandanas. We have spelled this word incorrectly with a reason because we have realized that most people search the word under bandannas.

taken from here

Another gem from here:

We embroid any quantity of items.

I could go on, but it just infuriates me more!!
So, if you can recommend a signage place that has staff who can do a decent job, please let me know… i have had it up to here! grrrrr

do yourself a favour, and AVOID Core Digital for any printing or signage or “embroider” you need done!

4 Responses to “Core Digital is a big fat FAIL!”

  1. Bonita says: |

    ..have you tried “Electronic Art” in Garsfontein?

  2. JessicaGiggles says: |

    Sounds like you’ve had a TON of fun! I hope you won’t be paying the balance until you’ve taken delivery of the print and that you’re 100% happy with it?!

    A really great place that we use a lot is RGB but it’s Greenside way…

  3. Louisa says: |

    Try Colour Curve / Hot Dot – I’m not sure if they print those, but I think they do and it’s worth a shot? (011 792 6015). They’re in Strijdom Park, Randburg).

    The other guy I know who’s brilliant at is in Cape Town, so that won’t help much.

  4. Sharon says: |

    I was also googling to find a place to embroider a logo onto shirts – I know who I will NOT approach. Their customer service sucks!

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