I have been working so hard lately – on a couple of really big, rather stressful projects, that I need to get out before I go overseas (follow that blog, here)…

things are finally wrapping up, and my body is no longer running on adrenaline, and i feel like i’m on the edge of a breakdown!

  • my back is constantly in pain
  • yesterday morning, despite sleeping really well, i woke up with a headache!
  • the headache morphed into a migraine by late afternoon/early evening.
  • I ended up eating dinner with my eyes closed.
  • This morning i woke up and migraine was gone, but my left eye feels so sensitive and watery.
  • i think i might be getting sick.
  • or some kind of “stress-sick”
  • i feel like i’m constantly tired and under strain.

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on a positive note, at least the big projects are pretty much done.

perhaps i need to go for yet another massage soon… ease this tension.

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