Life has been a tough lately. Like, tougher than normal. Really really testing me.
I had a visit with Snowgoose about it, and she wrote a blog post
about related stuff soon after our talk.

It got me thinking about what perfect moments I have in my life. It’s at times like this that we really have to focus on the good to try and cancel out the bad.

Things I love that create perfect moments for me lately:

1.) Riding Boots – I love her SO MUCH. So much more than I expected. So much more than I should. She makes my heart warm and my face smile.

2.) Lying in bed on a rainy day reading.

3.) Eating cupcakes.

4.) Hanging out at The Stables where people are non-judgemental, always kind and always friendly.

5.) Getting phone calls out the blue from friends who really truly care and want to make sure you are ok. Even though the one friend I have only met a handful of times! :)

6.) Laughing with Peter about something silly, to take our minds off things and remind us that we are still in love.

7.) Having a warm snoring beagle asleep on my feet on a cold day.

8.) Popping in for a visit and drinking sweet wine that was bought especially for me by a friend who knows I love it, even tho she doesn’t. Because she knew I needed wine. Even when I told her I didn’t.

9.) Having a French Manicure. Pretty nails really do make a difference.

10.) Being hugged tight by someone who cares because they know you are struggling.

11.) Receiving tons of messages and tweets from people who want me to know they are there for me :D

We have to focus on these things to get us through. Thank you for helping me create perfect moments.

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