Wow, I am blown away! Even in this time of recession, there is still so much generosity around!

Yesterday we had a beagle meetup at Walkhaven. I had asked everyone coming to please bring something to Donate to Animals in Distress and I would drop it off the next day.

Now, I know, times are tough, I feel it – I know… so, I was expecting each person/couple/family to spend R50 to R100 MAXIMUM (which doesn’t buy a hell of a lot when it comes to pet food etc)! … I am still in awe! There were only 11 families there (either single people or a couple… so about 18 people in total) as a lot of people were already on their christmas holidays… but, between the 18-20 people there… we managed to collect:

  • about 8 x BIG 8-10kg dry food (one bag was even from Woolworths, nogal!!)
  • about 6 x smaller 1 – 3kg dry food
  • about 20 (!!!) tins of dog food
  • about 4 to 6 doggy gravy pouches
  • 12 – 15 bowls (most of them NEW!)
  • 7 x blankets
  • about 8 – 12 collars and leads (again, some were BRAND NEW!!)
  • 2 x boxes kitty food
  • a few tins of kitty food
  • LOTS of Bob Martin products from: condition tablets, dewormer, tick and flea drops and tick and flea collars, vitamins, shampoo etc
  • a toy or two
  • even some treats – chewy treats and a big box of Beenos!

My boot was FULL FULL FULL! and my back seat was half full!

Look at all this stuff (and there were 4 more BIG bags of food that aren’t in these pics!


Harry with his "Pleeeeeeeeeeez can't we keep the treats?" - face on



How awesome is all that stuff!? I have just dropped it all off now, and fed the donkeys and horses some carrots :) I think we should do the charity drive twice a year… one for Christmas and one in winter time… get some blankets etc.

Thinkning about this makes my heart very full of gratitude to people who are generous :) … I wonder if only beagle-people are so awesome, or if it’s everyone…? ;)