ooooh, i got a blog award :D

Thanks Mandi!

The rules of this thingy are:

1.  Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award

2.  Share 7 things about yourself

3.  Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers

4.  Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award!

so… firstly – Thanks Mandi :) Oh… I loved the little sentence she wrote about me, I think it sums me up pretty well – pretty good for someone who has never met me IRL and only knows me thru twitter and blogging! This is what she wrote:

She is an awesome graphic designer, is momma to her two beagle babies, adores riding her horses and is planning her wedding to her stukkie.

- hehe, isn’t that cute :D

Right, so part two: share 7 things about yourself… I will try and keep these as new things you might not know about me… if they are nothing new to you, then you know me too well! ;)

1) I really like rocket! Especially fresh, on pizza!

2) Bright hot pink nail polish is my absolute favourite!

3) I think an engagement ring should be more about the sparkly stone/s than the metal.

4) I hate having a pedicure. I wish I loved it. Having pretty toes is awesome, but having someone fiddle with my feet freaks me out.

5) I *love* having my eyebrows done! Waxed and tinted. I have a friend with a beauty salon from home and she does the *best* eyebrows.

6) My latest music craze is Me First and the Gimme Gimme’s. They are an alternative punk band that do covers of old classics, like Neil Diamond and Elton John, and stuff like Somewhere over the rainbow… i LOVE LOVE LOVE them! I have been listening to their 4 albums on repeat, all day, every day for over a week. Can you say “obsessed”

7) I am very very slowly warming to the idea of having children (don’t tell anyone, ok?)

part 3:  Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers

Sheesh – I dont know if I even read 15 blogs, let alone 15 NEW blogs, so i’m just gonna list my 15 favourite bloggers, the ones whose blogs I visit most often, ok?

In no particular order:

1) Glad to be a Girl – we got inked together and hers is one of the first blogs I ever read! (even tho she never does these award/meme things, definitely worth a mention :)

2) Mama MeeA – awesome Mama to many children. She homebirthed her 4th and is an inspiring mama!

3) Angel is one of the NICEST people I have ever met! She is also, practically, my neighbour :D

4) Pinkhairgirl – another awesome mama who i recently met IRL. She is beautiful, inside and out! And she probably the most gorgeous pregnant chick i have *ever* seen! Oh, and her kids are *flipping* CUTE!

5) Jeanette – not only is she the fabulous photographer who will be photographing our wedding, but she is mama to 2 beautiful boys and 2 beautiful huskies!

6) Shayne – I love reading her day-to-day blogs about farm life! her blog is only open to invited reader, but she bakes beautiful goodies too, which is the link i’ve linked to.

7) Evergreen Design – my long time friend, horse lover and fabulous designer!!

8.) Gina – Super friendly with a gorgeous smile! :) She has the cutest Sausage Dogs and I love all the photos of them she tweets ;)

9) The Jackson Files – funny lady who tells it like it is. Love reading her stories about her kid, they make me giggle!

10) Sharon – another fab photographer mommy who is up and down between Pretoria and the rolling mountains of Badplaas (seriously!) ;)

11) Neigh-Bours – ok, ok, this is not *a blogger* but it is a site i visit daily, and I blog there as well, as do a lot of other horsey people.

12) My Panic Room – another just-about-neighbour! She’s having a bebe soon!

13) Harassed Mom – vegetable grower and curry maker!

14) JessicaGiggles – another gorgeous lady! Lover of sweet things and giver of awesome hugs!

15) Marieks – has one of the smiliest babies i’ve ever seen… also, she’s a dressmaker, who may or may not be making a dress for me for a rather big event ;)

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So… a month ago, Boobahsmom awarded me an award, and i am only getting a chance to respond now :/

better late than never, hey?


Rule number 1: Acknowledge the award giver

Rule number 2: State 7 previously unknown/random facts about yourself.

Rule number 3 states that I need to pass on this award to 10 bloggers I’ve recently discovered, who I have found to be worthy of being called a Versatile Blogger.

ok, so, firstly – Thanks to Boobahsmom for the award :D

Next, 7 unknown facts about myself… tricky since i do a lotta random posts here. Let’s try:

1 – i cut my french toast in a very particular way. Corners first, making a smaller diamond shape, then cut off each corner (opposites first), making a smaller square, and so on… which leaves a small square at the end, which i cut into two triangles.

2 – i like my french toast savoury. With melted cheese and tomato sauce on. This grosses some people out, including Peter. He thinks tomato sauce on bread is for poor people, or something.

3 – when i have a cool drink with a straw, i don’t like it when the straw “looks at me” (ie points directly at me)… really bugs me

4- I normally spit in the sink everytime i wash my hands. This sounds grosser than it is.

5 – i like taking close-up photos of flowers

6 – my first dog’s name was Scampie

7 – I took German as a third language at high school

part 3 – who do i nominate… well, i nominate YOU!! please leave me a comment with your blog and consider yourself nominated!

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So… like weeks after the lovely MeeA awarded me a Beautiful Blogger Award, I am getting to my post :)

First up, THANK YOU MeeA! How kind :) you made my day :) thanks chick!

The deal is, I am supposed to list 7 random lesser-known facts about myself, and then list 7 bloggers who I award this to :)

So, part one… 7 random fact… sheesh, I have so many random things already listed on my blog…!!

ok, lets try:

1 – I have had 3 operations (if you include tonsils and wisdom teeth)

2 – I bank with the Red Bank

3 – My favourite band, over the last year or few, is The Rocket Summer

4 – My favourite song of all tim (all time yo’) is Alice Cooper’s Poison

5 – My first pet was a little Jack Russell called Scampie

6 – I used to push Scampie around the garden in a wheelbarrow and carry her around in a big parrot cage. Lol

7 -I have 5 nephews (and no nieces)

Part Two:

Nominate 7 bloggers who deserve this award…

Well, this award has been floating around for so long, it feels like most people already have it! So… if you read my blog and you HAVEN’T received it… leave a comment and consider yourself nominated!!


Happy weekend everyone!

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