All girls love jewellery right? I certainly do!

A while ago i saw this GORGEOUS silver beagle pendant on Etsy and just HAD to have it!!

i got it a while ago and absolutely adore it :)

also, ages ago, Laura blogged about this really cute blogshop called WhimsyAndWhatnots … i LOVED the stuff I saw there, and have been checking back religiously waiting for something to really catch my eye!

And something did :)

a 25x25mm silver pendant with names/words of your choice stamped onto it.

So… to go with my cute beagle pendant, i got the names “harry” and “oscar” stamped onto the pendant :D

I got it today and just love it!

Now, while we are overseas, my boys will be close to my heart :D hehe

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So, you may or may not know I have two beagles. (If you *don’t* know – this must be your first time “meeting” me!) Anyway, the beagles do scent hunts in the winter. It’s a bit of a competition, and at the end of the season, the ten beagles with the most points compete in a 7km run to see who is the best :) (The points system is a bit confusing, so I won’t bore you with the details!)

Anyway, yesterday was our last hunt, and the top ten were announced. We have been holding thumbs paws that Harry and Oscar would make the Top Ten. They both did really well at the beginning of the season, but Harry has been slacking off a bit… coming in the 4th or 5th place group, rather than the 2nd places he was getting earlier in the season.

So, we are ecstatic to announce that Little Oscar has made the Top Ten!! Woo Hoo!!!



I think Harry must have *just* missed it. So, now Harry’s new name is Haroozy Loozy or Haroozer the Loozer! :) Hey – don’t get me wrong, he is still my super precious boy

Haroozy Loozy ♥

Haroozy Loozy ♥

Oscar is just a little machine! He is not even 2 years old yet, and he is doing so well! We are very proud of the little bugger!

All the other beagles in the Top Ten are on The Beagle Site … and we have changed the header banner to honour the ten of them!

The final challenge is this Sunday at 7:30am :) I know that Oscar won’t win it… but the Top Ten is all I was aiming for… It’s been our goal since we started hunting last year.

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Our Star Beagles: One, a superSTAR… the other, a disaSTAR! ;)

So, this morning, the 4 of us trekked off to Goldfields in Bedfordview again, to try our hands at an Open Agility Show again. It was hosted by the Collie Club to raise money.

We (@peter_vs and I) decided – after our dismal performance at the last show – that we would take a treat on the course and automatically disqualify ourselves. (The reason being, that we wanted the beagles to at least stay with us, and finish the course, instead of just running off to sniff on their own mission. The grounds are unfamiliar to them, so we just need to keep trying and we’ll get there soon enough!).

First up, was the contact course… Peter & Oscar did very very well! And Harry & I also did pretty well (Harry missed the tyre jump and was a bit silly at the weaving poles).

Then we did the non-contact course… Harry did fantastically until about the 8th obstacle (8 out of 16) and then went off to some guys who were eating burgers on the side! Oscar did very nicely and Peter decided to leave the treat off the course in the Dog Jumping round.

Dog Jumping is very similar to Show Jumping in the horse world. All the dogs who get a clear round in the same class move onto a jump off. So, Harry was a complete idiot, and stopped to sniff EVERY SINGLE weave pole… up and down! Arrrrggg!! Oscar and Peter did BRILLIANTLY!!!! Without a treat and were the ONLY pair in our class with a clear round… which means… FIRST PLACE!! WOO HOO!! So, Oscar got a rosette, a toy, and a signature on his card (He needs 3 signatures for 1st place to move onto the next grade)

First Place at the Show!

First Place at the Show!

I am so very proud of Peter and Oscar!! Although, I have to say, that I am very proud of Harry too… even though he was a complete dumbass, it was still much much MUCH better than our last attempt! And it WILL continue to improve each time :)

Here is the Champion SuperStar Beagle…


Everyone was so supportive and proud of us too! Beagles are not very common in the agility world, because they are so hard to train, especially in agility.

So, all in all… yay for us!

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30 Random Things About Me…

  1. I was born in the decade of leg-warmers and perms. By the time I was old enough to have any “fashion sense” shoulder pads and electric blue eye-makeup were out of fashion
  2. I grew up in Centurion
  3. My favourite clothing item is a Jean Pant
  4. My favourite food is fillet steak and fried mushrooms. But I also love chicken
  5. No, wait, my favourite food is chocolate.
  6. I like the smell of coffee, but I don’t like to drink it… same story with petrol.
  7. I studied Graphic Design in Pretoria for three years.
  8. I do freelance design now.
  9. I have a serious obsession with Fonts. I dressed up as Font Girl for a superhero party. It was super cool!
  10. I love 5fm and can’t bear to listen to any other radio station.
  11. I get physically upset when I can’t start my mornings with Gareth Cliff
  12. I used to chew my nails all the time… It’s under control now.
  13. I have two Beagles who are the most special people in the world!
  14. My Beagles and I are training very hard to be the next agility champions!
  15. I became an auntie when I was 6… I now have 5 nephews.
  16. My iPod is my favourite material possession
  17. I totally and completely HATE washing dishes.
  18. My favourite movie is The Wedding Singer, and more recently, Enchanted and The Holiday.
  19. I am one of 4 children
  20. I spent 5 months in Israel after Matric
  21. I think sport is overrated
  22. I am very shy
  23. I call Firefox “Mozilla Gorilla”
  24. I call Adobe Photoshop “Photos Hop”
  25. I love the Harry Potter Book Series!
  26. My dog, Harry, is NOT named after Harry Potter!
  27. My favourite flower is the St Joseph Lily
  28. I have 2 freckles between my toes on my left foot… seriaas!
  29. As I write this, I have NO clue what I am going to blog about
  30. I could only come up with 29 random things… Oh wait, now it’s 30!
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