A while ago we went to watch How To Train Your Dragon… it was super cute – i really enjoyed it :)

anyway… after the movie we make our way back to the car (We took my new car, it was its first night-time-outing)… and as we walk towards it… i notice that it looks JUST like the Night Fury dragon in the movie!!


same slanted eyes… same short round nose… to the T!

If my car was black, I would totally rename it from Pepe Le Peugeot to The Night Fury fo’ shizzle!

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so, The Car has a name!!

I know i said i wanted a sexy french name… options came up: Cheri, Celeste, Eloise, Mignon, Celine and more….

nothing grabbed me :(

and then… my crazy sister said I should call it Pepe le Pew… as in Pepe le Peugeot. And she said the Real Souf Effriken version can be Poppie le Peugeot. and that had me rolling on the floor giggling!!

So, I have decided to call the little car Pepe le Peugeot.

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I may need to buy a new car… yes – NEED.

Just last week I tweeted that my 20 year old Corolla has done 210 000km and is still going strong, and I was so pleased… just 2 days later – i hear a boiling noise in the engine, yes, boiling, like a kettle.

Take it to mechanic… he says something along the lines of head cylinder, pressure testing, skimming and replacing head gasket. And quotes me R6300… PLUS i need a service, so add R1000 and add whatever else they find wrong in the service (will be a bit – i am overdue on my service)… so i’m looking at about 8 to 10 thousand rand to fix my 20 year old car with 210 000 on the clock.


Peter was talking to his dad about it today, and he said a friend of his is selling a car. The family has 3 cars, and have no need for the 3rd car – hence the sale.


its a 2004 Peugeot 206. 5-door.

It has 85 000km on the clock. It’s just driven to Cape Town and back (from Pretoria). It had a service (R4200) in January. Its tyres are in good condition. It’s silver. Power steering, aircon, central locking – all the things most people have, but I dont. Also a back wind-screen wiper :) and you can control the radio from a doo-hickey by the flickers. The hooter sounds cute too.

A picture… off google – didnt take one of The Car… seen one Silver Peugeot 206, seen ‘em all, right?

it is rather spacious for a small little car… the boot is not as big as my Corolla… but I dont really use the boot that much!

She is selling it for R45 000.

Its in really good condition from what we can see… we don’t know much about cars though ;)

Now… when you are looking at purchasing something so big and expensive (especially when it is second hand) you kind of HAVE to find stuff that is wrong/not ideal with it, right?

So, this is what we came up with:

The steering wheel is quite worn… like the rubber coating or whatever … Peter says he thinks it’s from all the funny handcream the old lady must wear ;)

It has a couple of teeny tiny thin shallow scratches around the keyhole thingy. (what car older than 2 months doesn’t??)

There is a little scuff on the plasticy piece on the door (nothing a black permanent marker couldn’t hide).

We took it for a little test drive… the brakes are really responsive, power steering is good… no rattles or rumbles.

Seems like a pretty good deal – i think.

here’s the inside:

But what is the best course of action for my Toyota…? do i sell it as is… any idea what i could get for it?? – bearing in mind the above mentioned problem AND it has a HUGE HUGE HUGE dent in the back left door. Like, seriously, it is bigger than you imagine – i am NOT over-exaggerating.

Do I fix & service it?

Do i panel beat the door?

What would I get for it if it were in working order?

What if I sell it to these dudes who buy crappy cars and fix ‘em up and sell ‘em? (I sold my old red Cub to them)

Please, please help me decide what is best…??


I know one shouldn’t rush into things like this… but i can’t drive my toyota, and i kinda need a car, like soon… it just seems like all this happened at the right time… well, finding a reasonable car at a reasonable price (i think)… not my car breaking and costing a fortune to fix.

So, i like, need a decision in the next 2 days. I can’t afford a NEW new car… so thats not an option.

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