Ugh, these last 2 weeks have been CRAZY work wise! Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled my business is doing so well :)

ok… I have a client. Let’s call them Client .

So, every once in a while, Client needs some product photos cleaned up. Client sends me the photos and I remove the background, adjust the levels, add a little shadow and make pretty so they can use it on their website/catalogue etc.

About 2 weeks ago, Client calls me and says they need some pics cleaned up, what will I charge them. I give a price per photo. They agree (phonecall).

The photos start coming thru and I start cleaning them. Then Client sends me a mail saying they wish they knew how to do this in Photoshop. I really like Client, and the company, and say that next time Client is in the area, they should pop by with a big box of Lindt chocolate balls and I will show them how. Client says great, thank you!

Anyway… carry on cleaning pics. Last night the last batch comes thru (there have been about 60/70 photos in total now) and Client says to me “Thank you SO MUCH for all your help with these, please let me know how much chocolate I owe you”

… I’m like WTF! I was gonna invoice them for actual real money for this work… but they were under the impression that I was doing it for chocolate! Coz i said i’d show them Photoshop for chocolate!! :(

I know that thie Client’s business is struggling slightly too… which makes me feel even worse :(

What do I do?? I REALLY like Client and don’t want to cause any bad feelings or anything… but hell, I really do need the money more than chocolate right now.

Please help me!!!

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