Woke up this morning practically giggling at the dream I just had!!

I dreamt I got married.

It was at a place where all the brides stood in a queue, and basically the church place just pumped out the weddings, like 10 in an hour kind of thing… so, kind of like a court wedding, except, it there were wedding dresses, and flowers, etc etc. They probably market it as a “Speed-Wedding” …

so anyway, i’m standing in the queue, in my dress, waiting my turn… and im bored, so i say to this really trashy skanky chick infront of me “you wanna swap dresses to see how we look?” and she agrees. so we swap dresses, and i am instantly transformed into a skank-deluxe!! my elegantly done hair changes to Amy Winehouse hair to match this slutty dress – my boobs are all exposed … lol!!

While we were messing around in the wrong dresses, this other chick’s name is called, and she waltzes forward to get married!! in my dress!!! (by this time, she is all gracious and elegant and I am totally in her character and am falling around, all drunk!)

So, she gets married in my dress, and then my name is called, i fall down the aisle in my skanky dress, boobs hanging out… hair dirty and messy. The dress was long, but had a really really looooooooong lace train, which i kept tripping on, so i flung it over my shoulder!


it was too funny for words!

My parents were appalled at my dress and my behaviour!

I had a fabulous time falling all over!

So… i guess this is my first “wedding Nightmare”… I must say, I enjoyed it, i wasn’t pissed off or anything in my dream! … hope they stay this entertaining!!

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Last night I had the WEIRDEST dream!! Just as I was drifting off to sleep.

I dreamt about an Indian Folk story. It was about a blue elephant called Mara. The story was told through pictures woven into tapestries. It was really very strange. I can’t remember very much about the actual story – but the Mara was not a very friendly elephant… she wanted to kill young boys. Somehow, I was dragged into the tapestry tale. I had to distract her while smuggling all the little boys to safety!

Hmmm, last time I drink Kuluha before bedtime!


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