So, Happy Spring and all that crap.

Time for another #FontFriday I think…

First up is a font to celebrate Spring. Yes, it is horribly cheesy – but what the hell!

It’s called Blomster. Kinda cute if you like flowers, or need to do a silly invitation or something weird.


Download Blomster HERE

Next up is Hotel Coral Essex. It caught my eye because of the texture of the font. I found it in the “Eroded” section… but it looks so soft. I really like it.


Download Hotel Coral Essex  HERE

Last font for today is just so cute – I love stuff like this! It looks best on a big scale… which is why I made the thumbnail bigger than normal. The detail is awesome, all the little stars and crosses and squiggles… I especially love how some of the letters look like they are unravelling (See the “S” and the “C”) … very cool!


Download Abusive Pencil HERE

Hope you enjoyed the fonts :)

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I like fonts… like A LOT :) I have over 10 000.

I figured a section dedicated fonts on my blog would be cool.

There is a place (most places actually) that calls for fonts like Arial, Helvetica, Avant Garde, Times etc etc. Yes, we all know about these fonts and they are great, and work well – but what about the fun fonts… the ones that make you smile (or make me smile at least). The Font Section on my blog is for these fonts. The ones you download, but hardly ever use.

The fonts you save, hoping a job will come in that calls for a crazy fun font. They are few and far between (the jobs, not the fonts – hell there are millions of these crazy-ass fonts).

Every now and then, I’ll put up a few fonts and where to download them.

Here are the first three… Please welcome:

“Hooked on Booze”, “Slugfest” and “Billo”


Download Hooked on Booze HERE


Download Slugfest HERE


Download Billo HERE

I have actually used 2 of these 3 fonts! Hooked on Booze adorned an invitation to an (Anti) Christmas Party. And I recently did some Lipbalm labels for a client and used Billo – it looked pretty cute :)

(it looks weird on such a small scale though!)


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30 Random Things About Me…

  1. I was born in the decade of leg-warmers and perms. By the time I was old enough to have any “fashion sense” shoulder pads and electric blue eye-makeup were out of fashion
  2. I grew up in Centurion
  3. My favourite clothing item is a Jean Pant
  4. My favourite food is fillet steak and fried mushrooms. But I also love chicken
  5. No, wait, my favourite food is chocolate.
  6. I like the smell of coffee, but I don’t like to drink it… same story with petrol.
  7. I studied Graphic Design in Pretoria for three years.
  8. I do freelance design now.
  9. I have a serious obsession with Fonts. I dressed up as Font Girl for a superhero party. It was super cool!
  10. I love 5fm and can’t bear to listen to any other radio station.
  11. I get physically upset when I can’t start my mornings with Gareth Cliff
  12. I used to chew my nails all the time… It’s under control now.
  13. I have two Beagles who are the most special people in the world!
  14. My Beagles and I are training very hard to be the next agility champions!
  15. I became an auntie when I was 6… I now have 5 nephews.
  16. My iPod is my favourite material possession
  17. I totally and completely HATE washing dishes.
  18. My favourite movie is The Wedding Singer, and more recently, Enchanted and The Holiday.
  19. I am one of 4 children
  20. I spent 5 months in Israel after Matric
  21. I think sport is overrated
  22. I am very shy
  23. I call Firefox “Mozilla Gorilla”
  24. I call Adobe Photoshop “Photos Hop”
  25. I love the Harry Potter Book Series!
  26. My dog, Harry, is NOT named after Harry Potter!
  27. My favourite flower is the St Joseph Lily
  28. I have 2 freckles between my toes on my left foot… seriaas!
  29. As I write this, I have NO clue what I am going to blog about
  30. I could only come up with 29 random things… Oh wait, now it’s 30!
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