3 weeks ago i planted some seeds (Snapdragons, actually) and i pretty much gave up on them sprouting, as i haven’t seen any action in the flower beds… until yesterday when i was watering, i saw a few tiny little leaves peeking thru!
OMG! So much of excitement… i hope it’s actually the Snapdragons and not some arb weeds :/

the lavender is finally starting to look more “bushy”… this stuff normally grows like weeds – but not in this garden… has taken ages to get to a point where it looks more like a plant and less like a seedling!

and my good old faithful “purple daisies” … or “Felicias” as Jenty told me, on my flickr account!

and, yay, there are so many buds on one of my rose trees… (the other rose trees/bushes look like they are no longer alive tho :(

Hopefully the little seeds will grow, grow, grow and start flowering soon! I am all about instant gratification!! :)

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