The whole natural and organic trend is slowly starting to take off in South Africa. I have been using organic skincare and haircare products for about 18 months and haven’t looked back since. I managed to find a local brand of organic mineral makeup about a year ago, and have been addicted to it since February last year.

Those who know me, know I am not a sales person, and I hate sounding like a Verimark advert… but seriously, this stuff is awesome!! On a personal note – my skin does NOT react well to makeup (foundation) no matter what I tried, I would break out, get itchy, the makeup would look all slick and slimy if it was liquid, or go all crunchy and cakey if it was powder. I discovered Inthusiasm makeup and gave it a shot – and it is fabulous!! The powder is so pure you can even sleep with it on. It’s smooth and “cake-proof”. The liquid foundation provides quite good coverage and a little goes a loooooooooooooong way!

I also use the mascara which is great, and clump free.

This past week I decided to try my hand at being an agent for Inthusiasm (as the lady who I used to buy from in Midrand is no longer doing it). I am so keen to try their other products… they have all make-up – lipstick, lip balm, eyeliner, eye-shadows (they call them eye-enhancers) and blush.

Obviously, being 100% natural and not tested on animals etc etc… this stuff is good for the planet and great for your skin! The owner of the company says that the makeup is so pure, you can eat it!! After all… why do you want chemicals plastered all over your face for the better part of the day!?

The foundations come in different tones, but because they are all natural, they adapt to your own skin tone, so one colour would match 3 different skins.

I use the Claudine loose mineral powder on a daily basis – just for a very slight cover… and in the evenings etc I use the Kirsti liquid and then a light dusting of the Claudine mineral powder.

There are various options on packaging… I took some photos of the products and below is also a pricelist. Ladies, if you are looking to “Go Green” or are keen to try a new fantastic, very reasonably priced cosmetic, please give me a shout and lets make a plan!!


Variety of Products

Foundations are available in a variety of colours, and packaging (Tubes or PumpJars for liquid… and Jars, Rounds or Compacts for Mineral Powder)

Foundation & Powder

LIQUID FOUNDATION available in PUMP JARS & TUBES... POWDER available in JARS (loose powder), ROUNDS (loose powder) or COMPACTS (compressed powder)

Foundation & Powder

LIQUID FOUNDATION available in PUMP JARS & TUBES... POWDER available in JARS (loose powder), ROUNDS (loose powder) or COMPACTS (compressed powder)

There are 3 colours of blush: Desert Rose (quite pink!), Natural Glow (Looks lovely and natural – must try!!) and Original Earth (which looks quite dark). The blush is available in a compact or a 2g jar or a 5g jar.


Blushes are available in 3 colours and 3 different types are packaging.

For the eyes, we have eye-pencils – which double up as lip pencils!! Available in Black, Bronze,Olive Green, Blue/green, Blue, White, Red, Pink.

Mascara is available in Black and Brown.

Then the 2g Jars of eye enhancers – there are 20 shades!! But I only bought 3 (Blue, Bronze and Silver…) but all the colours are available to see on the website


Eye pencil, mascara and eye-enhancers

Onto the lips… There’s a little tub of Lip Balm (you need VERY little – otherwise its very sticky… but i love the stuff)… and then a variety of 13 shades of lipsticks… again I only bought 3 to start with… A lovely neutral shade that I want for myself ;) a very sexy bright red, and a gorgeous pinky/coral colour. I have only realised now, that the colours aren’t indicated on the actual lipstick tube – so I’m not sure which ones I have… But I’m guessing its Earth, Coral and Rose red (or Ruby Red)… I know for next time to make a note of what is what!! :p

Lip Care

Lipsticks and Lip Balm

So…. This is what I have in stock, but I can get anything available on the website within a few days… Give it a try, I am *positive* you won’t regret it! :)

Oh – and here is the pricelist… Email me if you want a PDF version.

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