Ugh, these last 2 weeks have been CRAZY work wise! Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled my business is doing so well :)

ok… I have a client. Let’s call them Client .

So, every once in a while, Client needs some product photos cleaned up. Client sends me the photos and I remove the background, adjust the levels, add a little shadow and make pretty so they can use it on their website/catalogue etc.

About 2 weeks ago, Client calls me and says they need some pics cleaned up, what will I charge them. I give a price per photo. They agree (phonecall).

The photos start coming thru and I start cleaning them. Then Client sends me a mail saying they wish they knew how to do this in Photoshop. I really like Client, and the company, and say that next time Client is in the area, they should pop by with a big box of Lindt chocolate balls and I will show them how. Client says great, thank you!

Anyway… carry on cleaning pics. Last night the last batch comes thru (there have been about 60/70 photos in total now) and Client says to me “Thank you SO MUCH for all your help with these, please let me know how much chocolate I owe you”

… I’m like WTF! I was gonna invoice them for actual real money for this work… but they were under the impression that I was doing it for chocolate! Coz i said i’d show them Photoshop for chocolate!! :(

I know that thie Client’s business is struggling slightly too… which makes me feel even worse :(

What do I do?? I REALLY like Client and don’t want to cause any bad feelings or anything… but hell, I really do need the money more than chocolate right now.

Please help me!!!

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I may need to buy a new car… yes – NEED.

Just last week I tweeted that my 20 year old Corolla has done 210 000km and is still going strong, and I was so pleased… just 2 days later – i hear a boiling noise in the engine, yes, boiling, like a kettle.

Take it to mechanic… he says something along the lines of head cylinder, pressure testing, skimming and replacing head gasket. And quotes me R6300… PLUS i need a service, so add R1000 and add whatever else they find wrong in the service (will be a bit – i am overdue on my service)… so i’m looking at about 8 to 10 thousand rand to fix my 20 year old car with 210 000 on the clock.


Peter was talking to his dad about it today, and he said a friend of his is selling a car. The family has 3 cars, and have no need for the 3rd car – hence the sale.


its a 2004 Peugeot 206. 5-door.

It has 85 000km on the clock. It’s just driven to Cape Town and back (from Pretoria). It had a service (R4200) in January. Its tyres are in good condition. It’s silver. Power steering, aircon, central locking – all the things most people have, but I dont. Also a back wind-screen wiper :) and you can control the radio from a doo-hickey by the flickers. The hooter sounds cute too.

A picture… off google – didnt take one of The Car… seen one Silver Peugeot 206, seen ‘em all, right?

it is rather spacious for a small little car… the boot is not as big as my Corolla… but I dont really use the boot that much!

She is selling it for R45 000.

Its in really good condition from what we can see… we don’t know much about cars though ;)

Now… when you are looking at purchasing something so big and expensive (especially when it is second hand) you kind of HAVE to find stuff that is wrong/not ideal with it, right?

So, this is what we came up with:

The steering wheel is quite worn… like the rubber coating or whatever … Peter says he thinks it’s from all the funny handcream the old lady must wear ;)

It has a couple of teeny tiny thin shallow scratches around the keyhole thingy. (what car older than 2 months doesn’t??)

There is a little scuff on the plasticy piece on the door (nothing a black permanent marker couldn’t hide).

We took it for a little test drive… the brakes are really responsive, power steering is good… no rattles or rumbles.

Seems like a pretty good deal – i think.

here’s the inside:

But what is the best course of action for my Toyota…? do i sell it as is… any idea what i could get for it?? – bearing in mind the above mentioned problem AND it has a HUGE HUGE HUGE dent in the back left door. Like, seriously, it is bigger than you imagine – i am NOT over-exaggerating.

Do I fix & service it?

Do i panel beat the door?

What would I get for it if it were in working order?

What if I sell it to these dudes who buy crappy cars and fix ‘em up and sell ‘em? (I sold my old red Cub to them)

Please, please help me decide what is best…??


I know one shouldn’t rush into things like this… but i can’t drive my toyota, and i kinda need a car, like soon… it just seems like all this happened at the right time… well, finding a reasonable car at a reasonable price (i think)… not my car breaking and costing a fortune to fix.

So, i like, need a decision in the next 2 days. I can’t afford a NEW new car… so thats not an option.

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After my “HELP!!” blog a few days ago, i got some links & ideas from various people for The Engagement Shoot … I had a look at the sites recommended, and found a bunch of really nice stuff :D

There was a suggestion that we take the beagles to the shoot – but I’m not totally sold on that idea… dont get me wrong, you all know how much a ADORE my boys – but they are quite a handful… and we are going to a place we haven’t explored before, so I’m a bit nervous to take them along… BUT i was thinking, maybe later in the year we can do a “family” shoot – the 4 of us at a nice park or something… I’d like that a lot!! :)

Anyway… back to the task at hand …

I saved a couple of pics that I really like – for some reference etc… hmmm, is this like the start of wedding planning?? eeek!! i don’t need to be thinking of that kinda stuff! Sheesh!

Oh well… here are some snippets of photos i liked :) … there’s not really a particular “feel” that i like more than another – i seem to like everything – the fun shots, tender/romantic and the more abstract stuff…

Off Christine Meintjies site, I really loved this shoot – particularly the pics of the couple lying in the grass: (more on the site)


Off Rock ‘n Roll Bride I liked this fun pic


I found a lot of sweet, romantic tender pics…

I really like this one off Rock ‘n Roll Bride (I think its my favourite pic i found)


also off Rock ‘n Roll Bride – i like how it looks so natural, not posed at all… like the photographer snuck up on them :)


Then, I like these more abstract type ones too:

Rock ‘n roll bride (Thanks Angel, I think I’m becoming addicted!)


I think this is super cute


Then, we must get a couple of shots of the #Sparkly!! Most of the shots i could find are REALLY cheesy… like her hand resting lovingly on his… I mean, I know that the whole idea probably is quite lame… but i managed to find a few that weren’t that awful ;)

This one is a little cheesy, but not too bad, hey?


This one I like – it’s different and something new


and then this one is a lovely shot – maybe it would look cheesy if the ring wasnt so pretty ;) but u can almost see the movement here – it doesn’t look staged – which is cool.


And then, Jeanette sent me some links of shoots that couples did with their dogs :)

- like i said, maybe we’ll do that later in the year – I would really like to!!

Take a look at the doggy-friendly engagement shoots here, here and here… it looks like it could be a lot of fun… but The Beagles are quite naughty little buggers sometimes…! But ever so photogenic! :)

So – I’m really looking forward to the shoot… which is just over a week away. Thanks to everyone who commented and sent me some inspiration :D much appreciated!!

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I need your help!

I have begged and pleaded sufficiently for Peter to agree to do a photoshoot with Jeanette … like an engagement thingy… We’ve been together so long, but we dont really have ANY photos of us together… disgusting really :(

I figured now is as good a time as ever – we will never be younger, probably never be thinner etc etc…

The help I need is what to wear/take/do… Jeanette did a great engagement shoot for Angel recently… but we don’t dance, or bake cupcakes…! I am worried we end up looking like “ritards”!! (not that I have EVER seen anyone Jeanette photographs looking silly!

Without disclosing too much top secret info ;) the shoot will be outside – with a fair amount of bundu-bashing I think! So… I will probably wear jeans and a sleeveless black top… And then, I have a long white cotton summer dress which I am hoping to wear… but we’ll see :)

I am clueless about ideas of extra things to take/do… *sigh*

I’m sure Jeanette will be great at getting us to look good :) … I do hope she can get a good shot or two of the #sparkly! :)

If you have any brilliant ideas or tips for me, PLEASE SHARE!!

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