saw this as my nephew’s facebook status today, and I really liked it…

“Don’t go for looks- they can deceive.

Don’t go for wealth – even that fades away.

Go for someone who makes you smile because it takes only a smile to make a dark day seem bright.”

so… here’s to many happy years of smiles ahead of us! <3

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So – time for another #FontFriday methinks :)

We all know it is the International Day of Luuuurve this weekend right…? I couldn’t help myself and I had to do a Luuuurve Font this Friday :) But this font is just so cute and it reminds me of the Adrian Mole Books… gosh, I loved those books, they were funny hey!?

Anyway, so the Font is called JULES LOVE and you can download it here.

have a Happy Wellingtons Day :)

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I saw #ThingsIlove was trending on twitter, and decided to make a list of that which I love… in no particular order…


I love my beagles ALL beagles… particularly my beagles

In fact, I love all animals. I cry so easily at animal stories, they warm my heart.

Chocolate – all kinds, shapes, sizes and flavours… except peppermint crisp

My iPod. My nano is the shiz! Don’t try and tell me that iPod Touches are better. Nanos are the best.


Massages… back, shoulders, feet, arms, legs… anything and everything

I love how my hair feels after going to the hairdresser

Cute cartoon pictures of penguins and reindeers

My mouse. It is SOOOOO old and worn out. Peter gave it to me when we FIRST started dating – so you must know!

facebook – I love that I can catch up and stay in contact with my sisters who live so very far away :)

Myprodol – that stuff is a gift from the gods!

Clean linen

My space pillow

watching Peter cuddle the beagles and talk baby-talk to them

Seeing how the beagles wag their tails while being cuddled by Peter :)

French Manicures, with little flower thingys on my ring fingers

A cool breeze on a hot summers day

Horse riding :)

Back tickles… especially early in the morning when I’m half asleep

My ring on my pinkie finger… my sister bought it for me for my birthday over 10 years ago… I have not taken it off since my last day of matric (except when I lost it for about 3 months)

Ubertwitter on my Blackberry

Homestyle juicy hamburgers

Lamb chops on the braai

Pink Drinks

St Joseph Lillies


I love how everyone in our beagle group is so friendly

Roses – just not red ones. I love yellow ones, orange ones, pink ones…

Lavender Salt Scrub from The Victorian Garden… oh, and their anti wrinkle night oil!

Pretty much anything from The Victorian Garden

My coffee table

The Friends TV Series

The Rocket Summer


My Pantone Chart

The hook for my 1m steel ruler (lame, i know)

working on pretty things – I get tired of boring corporate stuff

Beyond Paradise perfume by Estee Lauder

The Autumn Castle by Kim Wilkins

My Website

Litening to podcasts on long drives… specifically Mugglecast, Imprint and Smartmouths

I love how easy it is to use WordPress!

Getting sms’s from the bank when money is deposited into my account

Firefox’s logo (yes, i am weird that way) I love Firefox too – but i started using it coz it has a cute logo (yes, i am weird that way)


Books with bright pink and green covers (yes, i am weird that way)

Going to the sea on holiday with my stukkie

I love snooping around to find out surprises more than the actual surprise itself!

My long winter coats and scarves

The way Harry’s lips are so very very soft

… and of course, my list of Things I love, wouldn’t be complete without adding…

I love @Peter_vs … awww <3


I could go on… but I won’t…

what are the things YOU love?

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